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Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Build Blog Day 1 & 2

The following blog is of the Coventry Cottage created by Greenleaf Dollhouses. It is a really cool kit and is very versatile. If you can visualize something in you minds eye, you can create it. This house inspired me to add or change things that are not on the box cover. I built this kit and did this blog back in the Spring of 2006. Follow along with me as I build this kit!

17 March 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Looking for Ideas Day 1 Part 1

 Well, I have had this in the box for about 3 weeks and I keep changing my mind on how I want this one to be done. My first thought was to try to tole paint it similar to the one Sally Eckel did for Greenleaf. There used to be a decorating packet by her that shows you how to create your own original like hers pictured below.

Then I decided that I wanted to create a tower where the porch is at. But, as with all of my projects,  they seem to sometimes have a mind of their own. I hope you enjoy following me on this new journey of creating & Bashing (dollhouse editing)  a Coventry cottage. I hope to inspire everyone and encourage you so that you can see that you can make YOUR Dollhouse Dream House different from the one that appears on your kit box. 

Last night was the first day I had to finally get started on my Coventry Cottage. I was still thinking to myself, "Will I have a tower, if so how can I make the adaptions quickly since I have only a limited amount of time to work on this one." I have been reading the instructions trying to come up with ideas and decided last night it was time to start the build.

I Love this kit and this will be my third time building it but my first time bashing it. This kit is fun and it sort of lock together. Greenleaf made a couple houses that has this same interlocking system such as the Cantebury and the Story Book Cottages. The tabs on some parts are longer and helps to create the "raised" foundation.
Here is the first step showing the front wall.

See the long tabs? It is so important to slide this as far as you can because it can mess up the entire alignment of the house (roof and all :blink: )

It is very good to glue it when you are directed to glue it in the instructions so that you will not have any shifting . This is the center wall that locks into place.

This house has one Small tricky part and it is locking the second floor in place. These instructions are updated because the picture in the instructions is MUCH more clear on what to do and how to do it. Here are a couple of pictures of how this is done. 

This one shows the right wall:

17 March 2006

Posted by Minis On The Edge
Day 2 Bay Windows

I started on the Bay Windows. I have also decided to add an extra room to and omit the porch. I created a wall in the front that will have the front door.

This house has one BIG tricky part and it is with the bay windows. It is almost impossible to assemble it with out breaking a part. You can glue it back together and it will be almost as good as new. Don't panic if this happens :blink: . Every time I have built this kit and the Storybook Cottage, I break one of the window sills or another part of the bay window structure. A little glue and a lot of sanding afterwards and you'll have a smooth finish that does not show the break. ;) 

In the picture below, I was thinking about adding a false wall on the side that opened up so that you could see the hallway.  

Well, after looking harder and also building it, my mind started thinking something else. I closed the wall up and open up the kitchen wall

I will be adding paper clay to this house too.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

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