Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arthur Dollhouse Kit Tutorial Electrifying

I have decided that I  will electrify this house and I will start by showing you how I added the light bulb to my fireplace. I edit my houses as I go along and this blog will show you the method of my madness LOL :p .

First, I drilled a hole in the floor with my little hand drill (power tools bite. With the hand drill I have more control ;) ). I also used my hand drill to put a hole in the fireplace itself and then I fed the wire from the light bulb in the hole and through the floor to make certain that it is the correct size. I will make glowing embers later and show you all how it's done.

I set the fireplace aside till later because I have to add my wallpaper to the walls. This is the one I chose for the fireplace room.

Thank You For following along as I build this kit!