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Westville Dollhouse Build Completed with Pictures

30 September 2006

Posted by Minis On The Edge
The Last Day
Today, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach! I can't believe this house is almost completed! I have to add clay to the base, flowers, and grass & trees and have it done TODAY!! 

I am so worried about accomplishing this. This house MUST ship Monday which means it has to be at the Pack N Mail place Tomorrow!

Well I started with the grass lawn and added it in some places. I then added paper clay because it takes a while to dry. I sculpted stone in the back foundation and fed the lead in wire through it. I also added clay to the chimney!

At 1:00 am, things were dry enough for me to paint. You gotta look at tomorrows blog to see it :huh: . I am Done!!!

30 September 2006 

Posted by Minis On The Edge
(Pictures Of Completed House)

I am so in love with this house! My customer is a Dream. She is so easy to please and she has been so kind the entire ride. I posted pictures every night and she always told me how much she likes it. I was so worried at first about if I would be finished in time and would she like.....Well as of today, she still has not seen the completed pictures but I found out that this is a gift from her AND her sisters!

This will be a gift for there mother's 80th Birthday and they promised to send me pictures of the event! I hope their mother love the house and find much delight in shopping for furniture and carpets for it.

Okay, I'll shut up and let you see the pictures. Tell me what you think of the house!! I painted the clay green to look like grass! 

It took me only 12 days total to complete the entire house. This is with me doing the regular things I have to do in life so this was not me working on the house all day every day. This blog was created to encourage those who love the looks of Greenleaf Kits but, once they open the box, they feel that the kit is too hard because they see all of the parts. Remember, by an inch, it's a cinch. By a Yard, it hard. Take it one step at a time and you can have a Fabulous house!

To see more detailed pictures of this dollhouse build, please click on the picture below.

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Thank you for viewing my blog~ Tracy 

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