Monday, May 23, 2011

Glencroft Dollhouse Kit Paperclay Sculpting

 (The Original Date Of This Blog Entry was July 11, 2005)

I am so behind on blogging that today I promise to get everything up to date!! I have been delayed because I ordered lights for this house and I kept getting the wrong ones even after we found out that the item number has changed. Well, after getting the wrongs ones 3 times, I kept them and decided to paint them from there shiny brass color to a black color. I used paint that people use for the car models. Once I got passed that, I was able to move on because I did not know where to hide the wires if I did the paperclay first I knew I could mask some of the wire by paperclaying last.

 I have used 6 packs of 16 oz packages of paper clay so far. I have used 3 different stones on the front of the house. I have used Brick, random stone and cut stone. I also added a coach light to front entry door.

 I added a dirty wash on some parts in the pictures shown because sometimes I hate just looking at the plain natural color of the clay

Now, I'll show you pictures of the roof! I have started adding the paperclay to the roof. It is a little easier than doing the individual shingles. This is the picture of the first part I started:


Everything looks pretty plain when it is not painted, doesn't it?

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