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Coventry Dollhouse Kit Building Blog Days 3 - 6

20 March 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Not a Tower but a Roof?

 Over the weekend we were looking at house by the lake. Of course I did not have my camera but I saw a house very similar to the Coventry (Maybe I saw it before which is why the both look so similar now). I have decided to add a roof to the added room that I made where the porch is originally.

I am not sure if this is what I will keep which why I only used foam board for now. If I keep this one I will make the roof parts out of wood and cover the entire house with clay. Please tell me what you think...

4 April 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Hardwood Floors

I have started on the floors because I felt I had to do something to my poor house. I am so tempted to work on my Rik Pierce Lighthouse from last weeks class (I had a ball the other week meeting my friends from the Greenleaf family in Person for the first time). Of course my Coventry won the battle LOL which is why I am blogging today. 
I used the wood siding from greenleaf to create my floors and think I will have stone floors in the entry way and in the kitchen area. These are pictures before I fill the gaps and stain them.
This is up which is angled and meet in the center

This is downstairs

11 April 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Kitchen Stone Floor

I learned this technique about 4 years ago in my first class with Rik Pierce and Sometimes I use it when I am completely out of miniature flooring (like I am now). 1st you take a Vinyl floor tile and cut it to fit the room you wish to install the finished floor in.

Then you should check to be sure it fits good BEFORE you start the next step. Once you are sure it will fit, take the piece out and take your pencil and start drawing where you would want your "grout lines" to be. You can also purchase a copy of Rik's "How too" in Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine 12/05 Issue (can't find my copy right now LOL).

You would then take a straight edge hobby knife to cut the grout lines. Cut each side of your pencil line and then lift up that strip to reveal the "grout" color underneath.

I did the entry way & the Kitchen using this method.
This is the finished product

22 April 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
The Clay Sculpting Has Started

I have started adding the paper clay to the outside of the house. The side wall opens and closes because I decided to add a hinge to it for easy access since I added this extra room. I have not attached the "real" roof that I am going to use and I am still working on it. What worked easy in gator foam is a little more difficult to use in wood (Getting it straight & flush).

Here are the pictures so far 

You can see that I added a bay roof on both bays because I thought it would look nice to have a copper roof for the bay window area. I used chipboard to create the parts to make the roofs for the bays.

This is with the side wall opened
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