Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arthur Dollhouse Kit, Stained Glass Windows & Porch

All right, I now have painted the siding. It took me 2 coats of paint. I painted it Cape Cod blue. The paint is by Delta. I am thinking about painting the trim either all white or burgundy with cream accents. I am VERY pleased at how things are turning out. It took me another 45 minutes to paint the exterior and it is still cold and raining outside so there is nothing better to do on a rainy day but play dollhouses. 

My girls are both repainting there house with me on the counter (Yeap, I had to clean it up as you may have noticed I am a VERY messy worker LOL :p ). I am working on my kitchen Island which happens to be a good size, which is why I create such BIG messes.

I decided to go with the color "Black Cherry" by Delta. After that dried, I began to assemble my windows & shutters. As you can see, I added new window inserts and did not use the ones that came with the dollhouse kit. 

I bought a book titled "Ready-to-Use Dollhouse Stained Glass Windows" by Ed Sibbett Jr.

I picked the ones I wanted to use for this house. After choosing them and scanning them into my computer, I resized them and created tranparencies of them. I then add clear finger nail polish on the rough side. I color them in by using permanent markers.

Because of copyrights, I cannot send these out but, you should really buy this book as there are so many different patterns you can use. You can then customize them by coloring them in yourself and then make transparencies of them for your own houses.

Here is the picture of the almost completed porch. 

I just noticed I have 2 more porch posts to add but, for the most part, it is completed.

I only have to paper clay the chimney and foundation. I will save the shingles for last.The instructions for putting the porch together seems a little vague to me and MORE pictures would help. I did not assemble mine in correct order.  I noticed this when I looked at the picture on the box and compare mined to the picture (and I thought I was following the instruction perfectly till then LOL :p ).The structure is still very strong and sturdy so I will not worry about it.

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