Monday, May 23, 2011

Glencroft Dollhouse Build Timber and Sculpting

(The Original date of this entry was on July 4, 2005)

Well, I looked at the instructions for the timber and decided I could not follow the instructions any longer B) I guess I was "born to bash" :blink: . I decided to add my own wood timber because I wanted the wood to be thicker. I stained this timber a very dark walnut. I also decided not to use the brackets accept the ones attached to the kitchen beams.

I then started adding the Paper Clay ( ) to the upper front windows. I drew a "mock" pattern of the stone I wish to use on the front of the house. There will be a mixture of brick, stone and stucco. I will also use paperclay for the roof shingles.

I started adding the clay to the front of this house. I started with the upper front window area and added brick (soldier bricks stand upright and common brick "lay") I will also have fallen plaster/stucco in this area.

I added the stone to the front today too. I am still working on it but won't add any other pictures after these tonight (Fireworks tonight at the lake with some of our friends!! :blink: )

I added the lamp in the entry way. I will age it later on. Thank You for stopping by to read my blog!!

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