Sunday, May 22, 2011

Building the Arthur Dollhouse Kit Day 1

On Friday, my Arthur Kit arrived and Now it is open and I am sitting here trying to figure out how I wish to do this one. Nuttiwebgal  (my friend) says I should add paperclay. Linda says, I should also electrify this one and I know for sure I want to add a chimney and fireplace. I will not do too much "Kit Bashing" (or kit editing, if the word bash makes your hairs stand up).  I am Very excited about this project. I hope to help everyone see that this is a wonderful kit and that it has many possibilities! I am happy that you decided to join me on this wonderful adventure!!

First of all, I had to open up the tabs on the floor because they were a bit too small for the slots to fit through ;) . I did this by use of my hobby knife so the problem was not hard to fix. 

:p I decided to add hardwood floors on the first level and bought a nice sheet of this flooring at hobby lobby for $4.99 not on sale. It has a paper back and is unfinished so that I can stain it the color of my choice. I glued it down with tacky glued and let it dry as I started assembling the back foundation wall and side walls pictured below. I used Quick Grip Glue (it dries faster) & Probond wood glue (because it works best in the long run). 

Then I added the walls

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