Monday, May 23, 2011

Glencroft Dollhouse Build Unpainted but Finished

(The Original Day Of This Entry was July 21, 2005)

I am finished with the basic construction of the house. I have finished my paperclay shingles and stained and assembled the front door and windows. I will not use the fence pieces that came with the house because the paper clay threw off the dimensions of it and I may use iron fences instead. I'm still undecided.

I also LOVED the design of the plastic windows that came with this house, but I wanted a lead look so I scanned them into my computer and changed the color of the lines to black. I then printed them off on transparency film and cut them to size. They turned out wonderful.

I hope to paint the stone & brick tomorrow and shingles and start on the yard. This house is VERY impressive. I had a hard time on some of the steps but after I got past the Beams, everything else was fine. I did not add the Tudor trim so I can not say how simple that part was but everything else was a breeze. I made it harder by adding all of this paper clay. B)

More to come soon!! Thank You for stopping by to read my blog!!


1717 said...

This house has great form, I like very much.
I can not wait to see how you're ready, now it is beautiful!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you so much Magda! I am so happy you are enjoying watching my building process.