Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Soft Sculpture Dollhouse Dolls

I just wanted to post that my friend from Scottland (who goes by the Username mariaskid on ebay) just opened an etsy shop called  Mariaskid . Her dolls are just Fantastic and when you look at them, you can't resist the urge to smile.

Her dolls are among the ones that got me started collecting dolls in dollhouses and soon after, I fell in love with several other artisans. These are soft sculpture dolls and you can pose them anyway you like. You can see some of my personal ones by viewing the pictures below:

Several years ago, she was kind enough to share how she creates her dolls. She shared the info on the Greenleaf forum. Click the image below to view. Don't be fooled, it's much more time consuming than one would think. It takes more skills than I have to create these but, it was sweet of her to share them.

My most famous dolls were created by her. They are my Construction workers that I commissioned her to make for me while I built the Pierce house for a young girl a few years back.
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julie campbell said...

Tracy I have a huge collection of margarets dolls ! I commissioned a lot of them for a house I no longer have and they are all put away in a box right now waiting for their time to come round again , they are fab arent they :0)
julie xxx

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Julie, I just love her dolls too. I wish I could see which ones you have. I had mine put away too and every now and again, I'll take them out to show in a project I am doing.I sent you her Facebook info so you can friend her there too.