Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arthur Dollhouse Kit Adding Wallpaper & Lights

Today I bought some lights to add to the rooms and because I am using a power strip for this house. I think this will make it much easier for those us who start off afraid to electrify because they think it is too complicated or that it will take up too much time.

So far, I have spent a total of 2 hours and 43 minutes on this house (Partial assembly, Painting & Wallpapering and staining the floors). The next step of adding the lights took another 37 minutes (I have a stop watch :p ).

The first picture shows the plug of the light.

Because I have drilled a hole in the ceiling to feed the wire through, this plug must come off. You do this by taking your needle nose pliers and pull our both prongs. Then delicately pull the wire out of the plug.

Now you want to feed that wire through the ceiling (upstairs floor). Then you need to secure your light into place.

Because I do not want wire bumps showing through my carpet upstairs, I had to create a channel in the floor. Now I would not have had to do it this way if I had a sheet of wooden flooring but hobby lobby is out and I need to go on and finish the inside of my house LOL.

I used my dremel tool to do this. Be Very careful!! Don't go in too deep!

After that, I added the wire to be sure it fit. Once it did. I taped it down with masking tape and added my carpet. :p

As you can see the wire won't show through!!

Now be sure your wire is long enough to fit your power strip. Mine is long enough so I fed the wire back through the hole and seperated them as they were before. I then added the prongs and secured them. I tested it to be sure they still worked and they do!!

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