Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arthur Dollhouse Kit Day 2 Editing The Door

You may notice that my door frame is square . It is because I decided to upgrade and add a door that open and closes . This is how I did it.

I laid the door flat on the front wall where the doorway is.
I traced the door on the front wall piece so that I would know where to cut.

I then took my Handy Dandy hobby knife and scored the area 8 times till I felt the blade going to the other side. I popped out the wood parts I did not need and no Power tools were required.
I noticed after I had chosen this door that I would have to remove the pediment if I wanted to use the porch (I do this time) so I had scored it and cut it off too.

Thanks for stopping by and following along with me as I build the Arthur Dollhouse Kit by Greenleaf Dollhouses

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