Monday, May 23, 2011

Glencroft Dollhouse Build Siding Strips for floors

(The Original date of this blog entry was July 1, 2005)

I wanted to do wood floors for sure in at least 2 rooms. The problem was, I did not have any wood flooring Posted Image  and it's late at night. I did not know what to do until I found my last two packs of Corona Birch Wood siding. I cut each strip to size and then glued each strip one at a time. After I completed the room, I sanded it and added wood filler to fill any gaps.

After that I noticed I was completely out of wood stain (yeap, 11:30pm in Wisconsin, EVERYTHING is closed including some gas stations Posted Image I miss the big city ). I looked in my paint cabinet and pulled out dark burnt umber paint and added some "delta" glossy varnish and mixed my own stain and out popped walnut colored floors Posted Image .

Just when I thought I did not have any imagination Posted Image

Before stain was added

This is After 

Walls O & P

Well, I thought I was finished with the paper clay in this room and discovered walls O & P which needed to be installed. I decided to paper clay all inside walls. The two downstairs ones are stucco (the fireplace has a stone wall). The large room upstairs has stones on all walls in this room. I have not picked the fabric for the window seats yet but I know it will be blue.I have picked out my lights but I am still waiting on one of the ceiling lights. I have the light bulb in my fireplaces but I have not added any other electric yet.

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