Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building The Greenleaf Pierce Day 4 Electrical Eplained

Henry is up and working full force tonight! First he drew a line where he would like to cut so that he could create a Channel for the wire to go. This is for the kitchen light. He made a V shaped channel (Don't cut too deep because this is thin plywood).

Henry then added some quick grip glue and put the wire flat in this channel. He then drilled a hole out through the front wall because that is where he will feed the wire through. The Quick Grip fills the Channel and add the stability & strength back into the floor

Henry then added tape over the wire to help keep this flush while it dries. Henry Father is reading some important information to Henry (Nope, you'll never catch him doing any work that will get him dirty)

Bathroom Wall Partition

Henry is putting up the wall partition for the bathroom.  *Side note to Laura Lena's Mom* I am not sure if you want me to put Tile floors in this room. Is Lena sure she wants this room to be a bathroom or do she want a room upstairs on the third floor to be the bathroom? I have the white tile floor for the bathroom and I was gonna paint the walls a pale lavender and have Purple violets painted on the walls. Baseboard & trim was gonna be a darker Purple (I am not sure of the space in the attic). Does she even want a bathroom? Let me know.

Bedroom floor

Henry installed the hardwood floors for the 2nd bedroom. He is so proud of himself. I put 2 clear coats of varnish on top of this floor (2nd picture below). I sanded the floors after the first coat dried.

Birds Eye View Wallpaper & Carpet for Bedroom #1
I am painting the trim Plum in here to go with the color in the wallpaper. This is a better shot of Bedroom #1 Now, you can see how the wall is wrapped around the stairs. The banister still peeks through. I think this is such a cool layout!!

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