Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009 Greenleaf Dollhouse Gazette

That's Right, The Greenleaf Gazette is up and Ready for everyone to check it out. Read about what's going on with our Favorite Dollhouse Company & see what has been going on at the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum Click Below:

September 2009 Greenleaf Gazette

If you have not already joined our Greenleaf Family, now is a GREAT time to sign up and become part of our Wonderful Dollhouse Family!! Click Below:

Greenleaf Forum

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Greenleaf Taft General Store Kit

Greenleaf Just released a new Laser Cut house (It went live last night in their online shop). The Taft General store is such a cool kit and is bigger than the Brimbles Mercantile. One of the cool features I love about it is the fact that it has outdoor stairs so the stairs will not crown the room space. The shop can be downstairs and you can have living quarters upstairs!

It's a cool and fast build too. To Order one and to see bigger pictures, click here:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Custom Dollhouse Whispering Cove

This is the Whispering Cove. It's a dollhouse dream that started with a customer wanting me to build her a Cottage from the Orchid dolhouse kit. My customer decided she wanted something much more grand than just a cottage. This Customized Orchid now features a Tower, Cave, wrap around stone stairs and it all pops right out of the Rock like mountain base. Better pictures are forth coming when the weather finally gets better here but I wanted you all to begin the weekend with some cool eye candy!

The cool and Handsome guy is, of course, Edward Cullen once again. I Love this action figure. He has a James Dean look about him.

See more pictures by Clicking Here

Monday, September 7, 2009

Medieval Times Food & Tournamnt

Saturday, we took the family to Medieval Times for dinner and tournament. We had gone before about 4 years ago when Sarah was much younger so we decided to treat them and go again. Also, this time, David's Wife & his best friend Daniel went with us too. It was Daniel's first time going and we all had a lot of fun. My husband grew up around the area where the Illinois Castle was and we had fun looking at newly built houses from his old stomping grounds. We went past the house Walter Payton (Bears Football star) used to live in. It looks different than it did years ago and it even hard to see it now from the street.

after that we got to the Castle and were greeted by several people dressed in Medieval attire. We did the Royalty Upgrade package so we were able to move to the front of the line. We were welcomed by some Squires & Maidens who gave us our Crowns (we were on the Blue team this time ) and then the King greeted us and took 2 pictures with us and told us to have a wonderful time in his domain.

Daniel dressed up a bit because he loves the Medieval stuff a goes to our local Renaissance Fair by us and dresses up. We were able to shop before the dinner & Tourney started. We also were able to buy ourselves something to drink before the official dinner & tournament from the 2 "pubs" that were there with serving wench's LOL . My son got a drink called the 1st knight and it came with such a cool looking golden glass that was shaped like a knight's helmet.

We were all called into the main room so that we could enter and be seated for the Dinner (which we ate by hand) & Tournament. We were served Dragon Toe Stew, Garlic Bread, half a Bird (Chicken), Rat Tail (Spare rib) & a Castle Pastry (apple turn over). We also had a choice of Pepsi, Sprite or water and also something from the Pub (bar).

While they served our meals the show started and we were introduced to our knight whom we cheered loudly for.

We were in the second row and had pretty good seats. We were able to Booo the bad guys & Cheer on all of the Great knights in battle. All in all, we had a lot of fun and it was a great way to end summer (even though school had already started).

If you have a Medieval Times around, I would totally recommend you to go and check it out. It was a lot of fun for everyone. Here is the Link to see the website and more info for Medieval Times .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bishop Miniature show 2010 workshops

Saturday, I was rushing. My husband had morning blocked off because he had an appointment. Then when he got back at 12:30 pm he announced he had to get his hair cut. I started plotting the night before telling him we should go get the new Apple upgrade "Snow Leopard" but I told him we had to go to the Apple store at Woodfield Mall (not the closest one to us LOL ) he was okay with it but could not understand WHY I was rushing.

I was rushing because Saturday was the Fall Tom Bishop Miniature show and this is the show they have examples & samples of the classes for the Spring International dollhouse & Miniature show. I always like to be first to see it because I have a few extra days to think & decided which class I wish to take before the classes are posted on their official website ( ).

Since we had just come back from the Ohio Miniature show less than a week before, I did not want to tell my husband right away that I wanted to make a pit stop at the Fall show. When I finally told him why I think he understood that Resistance would be Futile and so we went and got there 30 mins. before the show was over for the day. I only came to see the workshops anyway so. I got there and low & behold, one of the workshops were already full!! It is the one titled "Home for the Holidays" by Whitledge/Burgess and it is a four day class that is just beautiful. I did not get a good shot of it because it had glass in front of the display and the windows were behind me. I darkened the picture some so you could see it better but The Bishop's will have the real picture up on their site in about a week:

There are so many wonderful classes to pick from. I only took a few shots because others were busy looking too. Leni Bishop teased & laughed at me and said she knew I'd come and she said she knew I only came to the Fall show to see the classes. She even went to the table and showed me some of her favorite ones. I think tohey put on such a Top notch show and I can't wait till Spring!!!

Here are pictures of some of the classes I was able to capture on my camera:

Bishop Show workshops 2010

I am in love with the 1/4th scale stone cottage :) I have not decided on the classes I wish to take for sure yet. My daughter Rachel loves the Moonlit Japanese Room. I may let her take a class this year. She's 12 now and will be almost 13 by then and she really do love miniatures. I'll keep you all posted.