Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creating Distressed Plank Siding for Dollhouses

Well, this Months Greeneaf Gazette has two tutorials I did up for our Members. One of them is how to Create Distressed Plank Siding for Dollhouses The other is Creating the look of Plank Flooring. You can see Both Tutorials PLUS two tutorials from Deb's of (and The Greenleaf Gazette's Editor In Chief ) about distressing siding & on creating floor planks for your dollhouse too. It was kinda funny. I created these tutorials without telling her and when I finished I called her up on the phone and told her I was about to email them to her. Well, she had done 2 similar tutorials but of course, not the same methods were used by us so they are different techniques so take a look!! You'll enjoy it!

You can see the tutorial also below:

Step One: paint the entire floor black (This helps because there will be gaps).

 After painting, you complete by adding the siding to the floor. Be sure to cut  them randomly on the floor, because this is a shack (you can always make them  a more organized layout by staggering them in a pattern like a modern floor). Now, take your cup and add 3 parts modge podge and 1 part paint in your cup. Then stir your mixture. It dries fast so you should start brushing it soon.

 Brush your mixture all over the floor going in the direction of the wood grain. It will look very muddy when you first apply it but it lightens up as it dries.

 This is a picture that shows how part of the floor is drying and you 
can see the muddy wet part
 This is what it'll look like when it dries. If your floor looks too light, you can add another coat. I used Glossy Modge Podge on this one.
And this is the finished upstairs floor!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Create A Stone Floor For Dollhouses

I learned this technique about 7 years ago in my first class with Rik Pierce and Sometimes I use it when I am completely out of miniature flooring (like I am now). 1st you take a Peel & Stick Vinyl floor tile and cut it to fit the room you wish to install the finished floor in.

Then you check to be sure it fits good BEFORE you start the next step. Once you are sure it will fit, take the piece out and take your pencil and start drawing where you would want your grout lines to be at. You can also purchase a copy of Rik's "How too" in Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine 12/05 Issue (Which I can't find now LOL).

You would then take a straight edge hobby knife to cut the grout lines. Be sure you have a SHARP edge on your knife!!! Dull knives causes injuries! You would cut each side of your pencil line and then lift up that strip to reveal the "grout" color underneath.

To adhere it to the floor, take off the paper backing (where it's sticky) and add some hot glue around it and then press it on your floor. This is the finished product.

I have used this technique in several different Dollhouse projects now. It is a nice way to create that custom look to your dollhouse miniatures!

closer look of unfinished project inside


Friday, March 20, 2009

Greenleaf Dollhouses Spring Fling

It is now official! Greenleaf has Sprung another Wonderful contest kit for us! You can find details here on the Greenleaf Dollhouses forum The picture above is of the one I did up for the contest picture. You may recognize the guy holding the cola bottle because he is one of my construction workers who helped in building the Pierce Dollhouse Kit. This is the place he comes to to get away from the fast pace life of working in the city. This was such a fun build!! The kit goes together very quickly too. To see more pictures of the one I did for Greenleaf, click the picture below! Here is the Direct Link to Purchase the kit at their Store


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greenleaf Dollhouses Spring Fling Announcement!

Well It has been Officially Announced!! You can see it in the Greenleaf Blog Here

Here is the Official Picture of the basic kit from Greenleaf:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Greenleaf Spring Fling Dollhouse

I am working on the New Miniature item that Greenleaf will release this coming week for the Spring Fling Contest. All I can say is it is made of wood, it's a miniature and it is very unique. The reveal day is on the first day of Spring so be sure to stop by and see what it is!! I LOVE Surprises and know you will be Surprised about this one!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interviewed By CDHM Editor Alice Bell

I was interviewed by Alice Bell who is not only a Wonderfully creative Artisan at CDHM but she is also one of the Editors there. She asked me several questions regarding how my love of dollhouses was born and how I found my way back to it as a grown up and then about a few helpful hints to share. You can read the article by going here:

I also want to say Thanks to you all for taking the time to read my Blog!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1" Scale & 1/4" scale Greenleaf Dollhouses

A lot of people don't know this but, Greenleaf really have 1/4th" (quarter scale) Scale models of some of their popular houses. They have the mini Orchid, Sugarplum, Magnolia, Brimbles & Arthur just to name a few of the popular ones.

You say you never knew about these little Gems? Well, here is the set that has the Arthur & Sugarplum Cottages:

This is the set that has the Orchid & Magnolia (blue house in the back minus the bays is the Magnolia)

This is my custom 1" scale Sugarplum Cottage & 1/4th Scale Sugarplum. I left the back wall off the 1/4th scale model because these are sold as houses for "Train layouts" which means they are closed in the back. With a little imagination & customization& creativity the possibilities are endless!

I wallpapered it and added an upstairs loft area. The Quarter scale one is small enough to fit in one hand:

So, now is your chance to create some of these cute little houses!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Packing & Shipping Dollhouses

People always ask me how do I pack & ship my custom dollhouses. The answer is, I don't! I hire a local company to do it for me. I use Parcel & Business Solutions to pack and ship all of my packages. They do such a professional and exceptional job that my customers almost always contact me to let me know how wonderful the house was packaged.

Yeah the cost can range from $35 - $65 to pack the house alone but, when you buy quality fragile items, you want to be sure they arrive to you in perfect condition. I had the chance to get a picture of Jerry, who packs all of my houses. I took this picture when he was about to pack the house I did as a prop for the Martha Stewart Living Show back in November. This is one thing I don't have to worry about too much because I know that I can trust that when I put my dollhouses in their care, the items (including the light fixtures) will arrive in working order to my customer. If you live close by and need to have something packed, take it to them and rest assured that your package will be packed with great attention to detail!!

They have been packing my custom dollhouses for over 8 years now! Thanks Jerry & Parcel Business Solutions

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ChrisV Searching for A Starry Night

What a Great Mystery!! I grew up reading Mysteries such as the Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys, I remember reading the book Stranger with My Face by Lois Duncan and I must say that the author Christine Verstraete (Well known online as ChrisV) has provided my daughters and even me with a wonderful mystery with her book Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery.

We were so wrapped up in this cute mystery with wonderful characters Sam and Lita and of course, the wonderful dachshund dog named Petey. Each character was well developed and several of the nights I read the story to my girls, they did not fall asleep until I left the room because it was a story that captures and holds your attention (No matter your age). We were able to feel we also were following along with them as they unravel the mystery behind the missing painting "The Starry Night" that is a miniature and fits inside of the dollhouse.

I think it's a Great read and Chris, I wish to Congratulate you my dear friend on your first paperback novel!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Creativity Greenleaf Style Deb Roberts

Deb (of Deb's Minis ) has a Creative side that shows so much Style & Versatility. Her Fairy House, Samurai's House, Tea Shop, and many other creations will leaving your eyes aching for more because she has so much "eye candy"! She is such a wonderful artist and actually only started doing minis about 4 years ago. she has always loved crafts though. She has some amazing Textile Pieces as she has been a Textile Artist for years (See some of those here ) I was browsing through her many creations today and thought I should share some of the eye candy with you. Be sure to check out her website because she has so many gorgeous houses and dressed beds and other miniatures that I am sure you'll find something that will appeal to your tastes!

You can Purchase the unfinished Kits From to build your own creation. If You like one of these houses built for you as picture, Why not contact Deb through her website links above. These Creations are so beautiful and her eye for art, really does shine through!!

Magnolia Cottage Kit By Greenleaf Dollshouses

Greenleaf Dollhouses Coventry Cottage Kit

Greenleaf Dollhouses Storybook Cottage

Aster Cottage Kit By Greenleaf Dollhouses (Corona Concepts Line)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wenlaine Dollhouse Miniatures

Have you ever made something for yourself and found that other people loved it so much that they were willing to pay you for your items? Well, that is what happened to Wendy of She makes gorgeous beds, couches, light fixtures, rugs, teapots and MORE! You name it and she has created it in miniature and her attention to details are just wonderful. I happen to own one of her gorgeous Wicker Bedroom sets and I must tell you, it is even prettier in person than the pictures show! This is the one she made for me to go in my roombox which I am almost finished with:

While you are visiting her website, you must check out her houses! She is also a big fan of Greenleaf dollhouses (Like I am) and her houses are just beautiful. Take a look a be inspired!!