Friday, November 21, 2014

New OOAK Tudor Custom Dollhouse For Sale

Today, I'm posting about this house that I was able to build. This is a bashed (edited) Primrose Cottage dollhouse. It's now for sale on eBay.

 🌷🌷 It’s SOLD🌷🌷
Here's the description

Birds & Butterflies are little creatures you'll see peeping around this cute little cottage!

Sometimes, I get so excited about a project when it begins to look like what I saw in my minds eye and this house did not disappoint me. It has been electrified so all of the lights and the outlets work and come on when plugged in (Transformer and lead in wire not included in this auction). The outdoor lamp has pretty red flowers in full bloom with a fluttering butterfly stopping by to taste it's nectar. The flower box under the lower window is also full of flowers.

The roof tiles, stones and brick and even the grassy base are all created using creative paperclay. I hand sculpted and then hand painted each and every shingle, stone & brick various colors to create the realistic & fantastical dream cottage you see pictured right here. Many long hours went into creating this house that can be passed down as a family heirloom 

I made the Wisteria Vine with delicate flower blooms and realistic leaves with branches just like a real one does. There are over 100 tiny colorful flower petals scattered across the front of the yard.  The herringbone brick walkway also add some extra eye candy & charm to this cozy cottage. The upper outside Dormer window  was hand created by me and has a cute bird perched there taking in the beauty around it. The upper walls has stucco with exposed brick peeping through. This Cottage is extremely Charming!

Moving on to the insides of this cottage, there has been things added to customize and add a touch "charm". The wood floors upstairs were painted white and the lower level floor has a stone pattern that was hand cut by me (not real stone). The walls are stucco and trimmed in white wood and there is 2 hanging light fixtures and 1 outlet on each floor.

This was a fun house for me to build. The dream house is 1" scale and the measurements are 14" W x 19"H x 14 1/2" D (including the yard).  This house is 1" scale (1" = 1' scale). Here's the link to the eBay auction: