Thursday, March 29, 2012

Castle Court Dollhouse Roombox

I've had a Roombox for a little while and decided to create a dollhouse scene. I started on it last week and it turned into this wonderful scene here.

It's 1" scale and is now available for purchase. If you are interested, please feel free to email me. I'll also be listing it this weekend so that it will get more exposure.

All stones were hand sculpted and hand painted by. I created the table stand with lit candles. The torch by the door was created by Judith Andraka. The floors were also created by me. The outside of this box is real wood. Here are some pictures. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my blog! I'm using the blogger app to post this from my iPad so, if the format is a little off, please forgive me :0)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brimbles Dollhouse Kit Village Shoppe 2012

I am just about finished working on a Village Shoppe for a client of mine. I am so excited about it because this was a project that I turned out loving at the end. My customer wanted a sage green house with dark green trim and she wanted dark wood on the insides. She mentioned she wanted the house to have siding and brown stucco and at first, in my minds eye, I could see this house, even before it was built!

I assembled the house pretty quickly. When I moved on to the outsides of it, I found myself stuck and no longer feeling the house. I was a little bit ill this past fall up until about November or so of last year and though I worked on this house slowly, I still could not really get into the house.

I even thought about refunding the down payment because I did not think I'd ever finish this house. I know when I don't "feel" the house, it's all downhill after that. Last month (Actually, the end of January, I was sitting in front of the TV and looking at my work island at this house and saw right away what my problem was! My customer wanted a sage green house. Do you know how many SHADES there are of sage green? I had 7 samples on my island. I finally picked one and found I still was NOT happy with it. I also did not like the dark brown I used for the stucco. That is when I decided it was time for me to mix paint again to create my own blend of paint. Once I did that, I was amazed how changing the shades of paint (even though just a little bit) made this house more pleasing to my eyes and I was able to finish this house more quickly. 

The paint color to the left of the screen is the color this house originally was. The top too dark and the bottom too light. The right side shows the color I changed it to:

The best part was, not only was I happy with the color but my client was too and that made me feel Wonderful inside!

The next time you fall out of LOVE with a project, it may not be the "house" itself. It just may be something as simple as the color of your paint!

Soon as I get the doors (I broke one side accidentally) and add the last 4 pieces of trim, I'll upload more inside shots.

Thank You for stopping by to view my blog!

Brimbles Village Shoppe 2012