Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laser Cut vs. Diecut

What type of builder are you? Are you a die-cut fan or are you a fan of the new laser cut line? Well, what's so special about the laser cut line of dollhouse kits by Greenleaf? Why should you spend the extra cash on these kits when you have been doing the die cut ones forever?

My husband always ask me the question "what is your time worth" whenever I complain that something costs more than I wanted to spend and I feel I can "create it" or "do it" myself. He says this when it comes time to paint the house because he'd rather pay someone to paint the house. He says it when it's time to wash the car, he'd rather pay someone else to do it so he can do the things he enjoy most.

Well, I think of that comment when I look at the Laser cut line by Greenleaf. Some of us Miniaturist enjoy the die cut kits more because we feel that we are putting MORE of ourselves into the kit that we want to gift to someone special or just to have for ourselves because we are the ones sanding and doing the extra prime paint coat on the houses.

Then there are some of us who love to build, but don't care much for the sanding and extra stuff that goes into the assembling of the kits. The laser cut line, has crisp clean edges as soon as they come out of the die. They are very easy and there is no sanding required!! The kits costs a little more but the time you spend actually building these kits is what makes this kit worth every cent. Also, the price is still a Steal when compared to the rest of the dollhouse manufactures out there.

People who came to the Greenleaf Dollhouse table at the Aztec Show were very impressed with the new line of dollhouse kits from Greenleaf and MANY of the people placed orders for their own stores. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see just what the buzz is all about. Order your laser cut line today!!

This is the comparison picture just to show you the same sheet from the Buttercup. The one to the left it the laser cut and the one to the right is die-cut.

This is a fun kit to build no matter which version you get. They are both from our favorite company Greenleaf dollhouses. Ask yourself though which one do you feel like doing? We have a choice now!! The Buttercup is not done in the laser line right now, they were only used at the Aztec Show for comparison purposes to show customers the difference between the new line.

Thank you to all who visited our table and to everyone who stopped and chatted with us and told me how much they enjoyed the Rosedale I did up for the show!! This was my first time at the Aztec Miniature show and I had a ball meeting people face to face that I have talk to for years on the phone or online!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dollhouse Sunrise Arbor Scene

I created this scene to give to a friend. It was so much fun to bring it all together and I thought I'd share it with you all because it was such a fast project to make. I started with the Greenleaf Sunrise Arbor kit and after the glue dried, I spray painted it a deep red color. It was so much easier to spray paint it. I created the Climbing Rosebush along the side of it and added a Yard Light & Gazing Ball. The Bricks were done using the Creative Paper Clay. I am looking for the butterflies I had so I can add a couple of them to this scene!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Rosedale Dollhouse Complete????

After having several people mention for me to do my regular "Thing" to this house, I did just that. I did add the roof finals but they are only tacked on for easy removal after the show. This one will be for sell at the show & my website. If it sells on the website, it will have a sold sign on it as Greenleaf is only using it for the table this year along with the Beaumont (They are doing that one in house).

I changed the Rose and created a pink "Climbing Rose" and there is a hedgehog in there too LOL. There are butterflies & Birds (Couldn't find my bunny rabbits). I'll stop rambling and share the pictures now. To see the complete Gallery click here.

Here is a teaser:

Rosedale Dollhouse Kit

"Thank You" to Everyone who responded in the comment area of my blog & to those who sent emails!


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rosedale For the Greenleaf Table

I don't know what's taking so long for me to complete the outside of this one (maybe cause I am working on other houses) But this is the house Greenleaf is taking to the Aztec Miniature show. I think I want the yellow rose bush to be a climbing rose bush going up the sides of the House. I am sure I need a cat or dog and bunny rabbit and some bids out to give the outsides a little life but, will it detract from the actual house??

Please let me know what you all think regarding this. Maybe it'll help me decide. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. I just took a shot of them and had to crop out the Beacon Hill cause I will unveil that next week when I have the thumbs up from my customer.

Then I am working on a 1/2" scale House (doing the outsides only and it is a marvelous house). I am also working on a new Orchid house that will have a cave underneath and a tower added to it. I am so pleased with the rough draft of that one too so, next month you all will have an eye ache cause there will be so much eye candy here!

Okay so please help me with the Rosedale. Will all of the trees I normally add to the houses distract from the house and should I leave it like it is? Or should I add what I normally do to it? Remember, this is for Greenleaf to display at a Show. I was given free reign to just do it and leave the insides unfinished. Thanks in advance for any advice you all give!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rosedale Dollhouse Manor

I am not finished with the house yet but decided to post a sneak peek for those of you who wanted to see a little "Eye Candy"

What are you all up too? I guess I am about to surf your blogs now! Hope you all are having a Wonderful day!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rosedale Dollhouse Stones added

Well, these are the pictures of this house with the Stones added to the house and only the first coat of paint. So much to do and so little time to do it. I did want to share the pictures with you all though. This is a really nice house size & design. I am not going to use the roof finals that came with the kit for the roof top or the bay windows. They look more Gothic Victorian and that is not the feel I am after with this house. More pictures coming soon and I hope you all are having a Wonderful Day!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Greenleaf Speed Shingles 4 Dollhouses

I used them on the Rosedale and must say I LOVED them! I love the Hexagon shaped ones so much! I even added a little extra trim around the top edges to give it a little more appeal! You all may wanna try the new Shingles by Greenleaf. Check them out at their store ( Click Here ) and see the other designs they have there too! It makes putting shingles on your dollhouse go by much faster and I love the laser cut edges.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pullip & Taeyang Dolls I LOVE Them

Okay, I promised myself years ago to STOP collecting dolls and I have been very good. In the past 5 years I have only bought 12 dolls for myself and my collection (Have sold 2 and made a good profit from it) But I am in LOVE with the Pullip & Taeyang dolls.

I must be a hopeless addict. I broke down and bought the Alberic doll this year:

I bought the Buttler last year:

I also have Arion:

I want Clarity:
And I HAVE Chill

I think one thing that attracts me to these dolls are there BIG heads and Large eyes. These dolls are about 12" tall they can close their eyes (with your help of course). But there are so many cool ones! Are any of you dollhouse collectors AND Doll Collectors too? I had been doing so good but they have new ones coming out. I also WANT (that's a Huge want) a Dollfie doll. At this time, I would not dare spend that on a doll but I am being tempted every day by the wonderful artisans out there. I have a friend who does face ups on blank doll bodies. I am so tempted to give her my blanks to do it up but, I made a promise to have ONE hobby!

Uhhhggggg, Will I ever grow up?!! Hhmmm.... I guess I hope I don't

Really how many hobbies do you all have? Let me know a please post some pictures on your blogs and leave a link for all of us to visit and see your stuff.

Greenleaf Beaumont Laser Cut Dollhouse

Well, this is something I am looking forward too so much! This house was Wonderful as a die-cut dollhouse kit but I have been watching the way this house keeps evolving from the die-cut version to the ultimate laser cut dollhouse kit and I am amazed and MUST be one of the ones to own this HUGE kit (There will only be 12 for sell this month when released). They have changed the front windows by lowering it by about 3" so that it will have more eye appeal because they were not viewable because they were kinda covered by the Pediment. Another change made was that they added laser cut detailed mullions to a new double hung window design. The shutters got a new upgrade too. They now feature a new louvered design that adds an authentic appearance that has never been seen before on a Greenleaf Dollhouse. All of these changes make this THE kit to get this year for ANY miniature/dollhouse collector (Plus there are MORE, I know as if we can take it, I am in a dollhouse coma already from viewing the many snapshots Dean has sent me).

Read MORE about this kit and keep up to date with more news about it at the official Greenleaf Dollhouses Blog .

This is the Picture of the Die Cut Version!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Miniature Clematis Vine 4 Dollhouse

This Months Greenleaf Gazette has a tutorial on how I made a miniature clematis vine. I love to try new things on my dollhouse miniature scenes. I made this in 2008 and had a lot of fun putting this tutorial together for you all. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to send pictures to me of your Clematis vine that you make so that I can see how much more talented you all are in doing flowers.

You can see it by clicking here: Tracy Topps Clematis Vine

You also gotta read the entire issue of the Greenleaf Gazette, there is a tutorial from Jen Barrick on the different Techniques she used to create her wonderful Loganberry Wind Mill from the 2009 Greenleaf Spring Fling.

You can see it by clicking here:

The Editor of The Gazette also create a wonderful collection of tips on how to create window treatments for your dollhouse.

You can see it by clicking here:

 Here are the supplies you need:

 Two shades of green paper
Lavender, pink and purple paper
Yellow gel pen for the center of flower
32 ga. wire
Ball stylus
Thick foam
Tacky glue
Brown paint
Leaf punch & flower punch as shown

 Cut the wire and knot it around and add a drop of tacky glue to hold it in place to make it look like a vine and paint it brown.

Using the tweezers and drops of tacky glue, add the leaves you punched out from the two shades of green paper.

 After you add all of the leaves, it is time to add the flowers.  Use the yellow gel pen to color a circle in the center of the flower. Take the Flowers and lay them on top of your thick foam piece. Press the center of each flower with your stylus to create a natural looking curve and it helps define each petal. You can even run the ball stylus over some of the petals too. Take the flower and glue them onto your leaves randomly. Add different colors randomly to your vine.

This is what it looks like after you have added all the flowers. Now 
you can add it to your miniature scenes.

Thanks for stopping by to read my Blog today!! See my Clematis vine below!