Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building the Greenleaf Pierce Windows & Painting - Day 12

Well, I was so excited to think that maybe, just maybe I would not have to put together the widows that came with the kit. I had decided to upgrade to the wonderful windows that Greenleaf sells for this kit. This was my plan ALL along . I got them in last week and Ohhhhh Noooooo! They are too modern!! I don't know why they did not look modern to me from the picture on the site (Sheesh, I even blew up the picture so I could see the details . The timberbook windows are perfect if you are gonna do anything but a CASTLE theme and I highly recommend them because they will save you time and they are WORKING. Well, After slept on it (to give myself some good ideas) I decided it would be better for me to make my windows and use the diamond printed window inserts that I had made a little bit ago. They turned out wonderful! I am so excited about them too. The kit windows take some time to build because there are 5 pieces for each exterior window & 4 for the interior ones. They really, REALLY look good with this house though. It's amazing how the windows change the look of the house. I can totally see this house complete in my minds eye and I am so anxious to get it done.

At this point, I have used 5 packs of 16 oz paperclay. I added and applique to each side of the stairs and then one above where the circular trim piece fit in. I am not sure if I am going to keep it that color though. I started adding clay to the foundation and then decided to add the base. I don't know why but I am avoiding the start of the shingle process. I guess it is because I want to do square Butt Wood Shingles But then again, I like the Clay ones. Doing the foundation and base gave me more time to think about it.

Back wall turret & Shingles 
This is the back roof. I made the roof pointed to match the front one.

Now I paint!

Kitchen bay wall

Chimney breast

Front tower roof

entry door

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