Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building The Greenleaf Pierce Tower Day 5-6

This is the Main Tower. I added the Third Floor as you can see in the first picture. It went together very easily. I only had one stubborn tab but I cut it down some so it could fit into the slot. This is totally easy to do with your hobby knife. Notice how the round wire was fed through the outer wall.

Inside Shot 

Now the instructions calls for the back wall (Kitchen wall) to be added. The Kitchen back wall is in. I just need to glue in the crown molding it the top.

The tower in the Living room
This is where one of the window seats will be (I am creating this it is not in the greenleaf instructions it will be shown later) . It will be covered in a burgundy & gold print. This one will be dressed in a plum or purple colored fabric I hope you like this chandelier. I thought the brass looked great with the glass shades

Tower in Attic

This is the tower attic with all the walls in it. It will be hard to add furniture and see into the room

This is the tower with one wall missing on each side. I did not like the fact that it hid the view of most of the room and it will be easier to furnish by removing one wall on each side. Laura, please email me and let me know because it's up to you to make the decision. I was thinking of making a lighted wall torch should go in here since you want a more Castle feel in the attic.

This is Lena's Sewing room

This is the Pink flower vine wall paper you and Lena Picked. I Love this glass globe iron detailed hanging light so much, I bought more. Henry liked the choice you picked for this room.


This is the Bathroom light and wallpaper. The light shade is real glass. The tile floor is white but the wallpaper is green and lavendar stripes. The trim is a very pale lavender. This is Sue stopping in to see the work being done.

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