Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greenleaf Country Doll House! Limited Sale

Greenleaf Has a HUGE sell on the Country House. These kits were sold via mail order only for the catalog company Damark (and Redmark) in the 80s. That company is no longer in business. You have a chance to  Get yours now! This kit features a furniture set that has never been used on any other kit by Greenleaf Dollhouses and has never been sold as an individual kit. There are now less than 50 available. Get yours now!

Here is the link to Buy Greenleaf Country House

The 1st two I built (pictured below) I did without even having directions. I  only had the schematics . I was just starting out so believe me, this is a simple kit to buildッ. There weren't even pictures of it on the box because they were left overs from a mail order company and they offered to give them to me and I knew I just wanted the kits no matter what (back when I started working for Greenleaf). Greenleaf never directly sold these to the public themselves so this is a GREAT offer and your kits will be new in the box!

I built these while I was still learning to build as a hobby ッ

The coupon code to purchase is CH10

country house

This is the 2nd one I built:

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