Monday, December 22, 2008

Paperclay Picture Frame Gift Scene Part 4

Now take your fence and scissors


Cut your fence like this if you want a corner Vignette like mine is. You can leave the fence whole and size it to fit one side of your frame


I used quick grab glue because it dries fast and the glue is easy to cover with paint. Glue the bottom parts together first. If you over glue, don't worry!! Don't try and clean it because you will smudge it over the clay. The glue spots will be covered by flowers if you do not smudge. Once you glue the bottom parts to the base. Glue the fence joints together. If you over glue and it show, do not worry, you can paint this glue when it dries

Take a drop of brown paint and over load your brush with water. Smear only the tip of your brush over the stones (Try not to get any in between the stones). Add this VERY lightly on about 3 stones
brown water

Do the same with Dark Burnt Umber
Darke Burnt Umber

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