Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greenleaf Country Doll House! Limited Sale

Greenleaf Has a HUGE sell on the Country House. These kits were sold via mail order only for the catalog company Damark (and Redmark) in the 80s. That company is no longer in business. You have a chance to  Get yours now! This kit features a furniture set that has never been used on any other kit by Greenleaf Dollhouses and has never been sold as an individual kit. There are now less than 50 available. Get yours now!

Here is the link to Buy Greenleaf Country House

The 1st two I built (pictured below) I did without even having directions. I  only had the schematics . I was just starting out so believe me, this is a simple kit to buildッ. There weren't even pictures of it on the box because they were left overs from a mail order company and they offered to give them to me and I knew I just wanted the kits no matter what (back when I started working for Greenleaf). Greenleaf never directly sold these to the public themselves so this is a GREAT offer and your kits will be new in the box!

I built these while I was still learning to build as a hobby ッ

The coupon code to purchase is CH10

country house

This is the 2nd one I built:

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rose Cottage Roombox 1" scale Dollhouse Miniature

I am adding the last touches to my latest Courtyard roombox setting and I just wanted to share it with you all because this roombox style has been discontinued for years and I only have a few. The scenes I create in my last few are each different and unique. I am not taking custom orders because I am working with the stash I have on hand. This is one of those pieces that is simply gorgeous!! It would be the perfect conversation piece and there is still room for you to add some of your own special unique touches to it. I do NOT use Stamps or Molds. Each stone and brick was hand sculpted  and hand painted by me. I have learned from the King of this technique (Rik Pierce) himself who teaches his students how to do this free hand. Much time and imagination has gone into this creation to make it into this special item you see here.

It will be for sell in my CDHM shop and you don't want to wait and let it to get away!! There are over 40 handmade roses in the climbing rosebush alone! Their are 3 different shades of pink roses on this bush to simulate a touch of nature.

The fountain with water sprouting from it, is just so beautiful and has an aged verdigris hand painted effect. The entry way has massive pillars with fierce looking protectors guarding the entry. The flower box is full of flowers in shades of pink, white and purple.  The window has a spiders web "lead glass" looking insert.
All I have to add are the butterflies and birds to this Wonderful scene. Can't you just picture yourself enjoying the scene in this Beautiful rose Courtyard?! The Working hanging coach light has also been aged a green verdigris color. If you purchased this scene, I am sure you will be happy with it.

You can purchase this scene here:

You can see more pictures via my webshots album

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1" Scale Roombox or Display Box Dollhouse Scenes

I have loved creating dollhouse miniature scenes in shadowboxes or room box settings for years. I am almost finished with the Brimbles that I started on this summer and sometimes, when my creativity is overcharged, I do other small projects along the way and I find so much enjoyment creating a setting in a roombox or shadowbox.

I have been excited to share with you all the new display box creations I have been making. I have tried to fit a lot of the elements that I would normally put in my dollhouses, in these miniature scenes and I try and leave enough space so that the buyer can add their own things to each scene.

These are perfect for the person who don't have a lot of space in their homes for dollhouses. I have even sold a few to people who are not miniature collectors at all but just love art.

I have a three pictorial sneak peeks of one that will be available soon for sale. It's unpainted in these shots but, you can see some of the cool elements added to this scene. 

Here are a few of some of the ones I have done in the past:

Thanks for viewing my blog today!! I will start blogging the Brimbles dollhouse build this week too.
Thought Of The Day ~ True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.  ~ Albert Einstein
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The First Dollhouse I Built

The other week, I was cleaning up and discovered a Polaroid picture of the dollhouse that got me started building dollhouses as an adult.

So many times, we look at people's work and think, "Man, I'll never be that good" or we think "This person must have always been talented".  It's not true and I have the picture to prove it!!

Here is a picture of the very first dollhouse I built.

That picture is of the very first dollhouse that evolved into my hobby/business. I showed pictures of that plain house (well considering what my houses look like now, I think it is rather plain) and I sold about 10 or more of those and gifted others to various friend and family members. I started doing crafts shows and Garage sales and grew my business.

I wrote this post to help inspire any of you out there that may dream of enhancing your creative skills but think there is no hope. Once upon a time, I did not feel skilled enough. Thanks to the many Artists out there that shared some of their talent is what helped me to develop my own .  Keep working toward your dreams. They do come true!!

To see pictures of some of the other ones I found and scanned in, click below. I'll add more of my first houses, as I find them. Like my very first Greenleaf kit (which was a Tiffany and Arthur)

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Castle Courtyard Room Box (Dollhouse)

This month, I have completed a few room boxes that I had started on a little while back and it felt so good to finish some of them. Today, I wanted to share pictures of the latest one with you. It is another Courtyard scene and it has me wanting to finally jump into making my Castle tower when I am finished with my last custom order of this year.

It is a 1" scale Castle stone scene and I have embellished the roombox to give the entire piece the elegance I felt it needed.The light by the doorway is from England and is lit by using a 9v battery. There are LED lights and battery pack that I added on the top lid to give the room extra lighting. It is so beautiful to view in a dark room at night.

This is a 1" scale room (1" = 1') and the size of the box is 9 1/2" W x 9"D x 13"H.   The  window and the door was handmade by me and is my own design. The window has a stained glass pattern that I created. The door and the female knights at the doorway were custom created and added to this scene to make it a bit more unique.

The stones are painted an even tone or grays and browns. I call it neutral colored stones so that depending on the lighting, the stones will look all gray or all brown. This item is for sale in my CDHM online store

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you so much for viewing my blog. Next month, I will do my first Blog Give Away so stay tuned for more details!!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Night Time In The Court Yard Dollhouse Box

I am sorry to be behind in sharing things on my blog. Last week, I shared a WIP (work in progress) photo of a 1" scale roombox I was working on and it sold within 2 days. The box is from Olde Mountain Miniatures that I bought several years ago. It's a "Harvey Wallhanger" box and I had this idea for a roombox in my head for a while. I actually started on it this past winter and set it aside to do some other things. the other week, I decided to go ahead and paint it since the clay work had already been done and this is the Magical scene that I was able to create. It has a a lighted carriage light too which is lit by battery.

Even though this was made from a "Harvey Wallhanger" roombox, it is made to sit on a shelf. You can almost smell the Wisteria flowers & almost hear the water fountain.

To see more pictures, click the slide show Below:

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chicago International Tom Bishop Show 2011 workshops

Last week, I was looking over the pictures of the workshops offered for the Tom Bishop Chicago show next year. As with every year, I always see several classes I'd love to take but am unsure which, if any I will take. I have been wanting an iPad for a couple of years and 2 of the classes I'd like to take cost more than an 64g iPad. Of course, this has never stopped me before.

If you haven't seen what they are offering, you can click here:

Tom Bishop Chicago 2012 Workshops

What are some of my favorites? Well of course, I LOVE Rik Pierce's Smuggler's cottage:

I'm Also in LOVE with Ron Hubble Jacobean Drawing Room:

One of my Favorite artists is Claude Monet and Karl Blindheim is offering a fantastic class titled Camille's Terrace:

Roz & Aidy Gilmore are teaching a sculpting class on how to sculpt and dress a doll:

Erik Goddard is offering a class that appeals to me too titled Rue De La Croix:

Charrita Teague is offering a class on creating  food such as Cheese, grapes, wine and much more for your dollhouse settings. It's being offered in 1" & 1/4th inch scales:

There are seventy (70) classes being offered and many that can catch the eye of any miniaturists. There are classes on making furniture, animals, smaller scales and Much much more. They also offer a fantastic show & sale during the weekend. If you have not been, this is a show you will want to save for and attend.  You can click here: for more information about the show in Chicago next year.

Hope you all have a Fantastic day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

AIM September 2011 Online Magazine

Just wanted you all to know that the new September Issue of Artisan In Miniature is now available for you to read. Enjoy and feel free to post what you liked best about it!!

Aim Imag Issue 37 September 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Plaster Of Paris Planters

I was reading my news feed and came across a Wonderful blog by Mark Montano on how to edit plain old flower pots for your home using molds and plaster of paris. I had always been told not to use plaster of paris because it doesn't hold up well and that it's not water proof etc..  Those comments were made by my friends in Miniature and I am totally in LOVE with the idea of the pots he made and I wanna try them for myself. I'd love to hear your comments about your experiences with Plaster of Paris. 

You also will LOVE viewing Marks Blogs if you are a Crafty person or a Miniaturist like me who like to use full size craft projects and shrink them down to miniature. You can see and read his Blog Here.

If you don't already follow him, you just might want to. He has some fantastic ideas for your  real life home and you can scale them down to fit your miniature dollhouses too.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Quarter Scale Dollhouse Kit

Here is a new house that I just finished and have ready for you to move in! It is a 1/4th scale dollhouse and very few of these kits were made. This house has hand painted and cut shingles and has a pretty vine growing up the sides. There is even  a tree with purple "blooms". The crossbuck doors add that special touch to this structure. The size of this item including the base is 5"W x 4"D x 4" H

Everything, (walls, floors, window trim and even the door designs) are perfectly accurate to fit the scale of this wood structure.  Please see all pictures and feel free to ask any questions.

This One (1) item is now for sale NOW. The price includes Free USA Priority Shipping.I only ship to the confirmed paypal address when paid via paypal. To purchase and have shipped out of the USA, please contact me first for the shipping cost.
To order custom houses, please visit my website  
and click the contact form to email me.

Thank You for taking the time to view this item and for viewing my Blog! I hope you have a Fantastic Day!!


if you have any questions about this item or other items I have ready for sale, please email me by click HERE

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greenleaf Dollhouse Barbie 2" scale Roombox

Several Years ago, I got my hands on a 2" scaled Barbie Roombox by Greenleaf on eBay. I was so excited because I used to always collect any of the older Greenleaf dollhouse kits I could get my hands on. I was so excited I did not want to open the box. One day I hit the jack pot. Someone was selling all of their old store stock and they had 3 of these kits sitting on their shelves. I bought them and decided to build one for my youngest daughter back in 2008.

This is what it looked like when I finished it. She was younger at the time and everything had to be pink.

Last year (in December), she wanted me to freshen it up a bit. She took very good care of the roombox but it had writing on the walls and scuff marks so I told her I would do it. I got so busy (working to pay bills and everything else life throws my way) I let those get in the way of my doing it.

Every time I walked past it, I would clean it up and I even sat it on my work table a few times but I never "worked" on it (So she would take it to play with of course). I always felt guilty for not getting back to it.

Yesterday Morning, I decided to put all of my other work on the back burner for the day and spent the day fixing up her roombox. For the most part, it still looked great considering how much Sarah & Rachel had played with it. This is what it looked like Yesterday Morning when I "stole" it from her bedroom.

The floor boards were all in tack but where dull looking so, I added a darker stain to them and then added a varnish on top of them. She had already picked out the wallpapers she liked so I decided to use one from her stack of wallpapers which is a light turquoise.
 I decided to accent and compliment that with a darker turquoise blue on some of the trim.

I then added some details on all of the white trim I decided to keep. The stained glass window still look great so I kept that in place. I also decided to add a stone paper to the fireplace instead of the red brick that was there. This past winter, I had purchased a 3 light outdoor post from the dollar store. It was a smaller scale because it was sold for their train village and it lit up via a battery pack. I kept looking at it and decided if I painted the post part silver it could become a nice ceiling light (And because it used AA batteries, I wouldn't worry about them playing with the electric). By the end of the day yesterday, this is what the roombox looked like:

 Of course, Sarah is very pleased with it and has begged me to make her two more rooms so I will build them this week and let her paint the trims and everything else (to one of them and then I'll do the other).

Sorry that the colors still don't show the "true" color shade but, maybe one day, I'll take lessons on learning how to use a camera to take pictures correctly 
You can see more pictures by clicking below:

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cathy's 1/24th scale Buttercup Lasercut Dollhouse Cottage

I know I have not posted here on the blog for a little bit but I wanted to share with you pictures of the 1/24th scale Buttercup dollhouse kit I built for a client. This was the first time that I added electricity in this scale. I also am a little more pleased with the brick and stone scale on this one. The stones and bricks are very close to the scale this time.

I made the tree and flower container up front of this house too. I also created the fireplace and the added burning logs inside the fireplace too.

All of the stones and brick were created by me using clay and then hand painted several colors to create the realistic look of stones and brick. I even hand formed each shingle. Enjoy the pictures!

You can see pictures by clicking the slideshow here:

Thought Of The Day ~  "Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations." Marston
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greenleaf Dollhouse Contest 2011 Kit

Yesterday was the deadline for anyone to submit their entries to the Greenleaf Spring Fling contest 2011! Here are a sample of a few submissions this year. Because of my position with Greenleaf, I have never entered a contest with them though I must say, this years kit really talked to my creative side!! I am so proud to be a member of such a talented group of Online Dollhouse Miniature enthusiasts. The above picture is the kit for this years contest. Below are a few pictures from members of our Greenleaf dolhouse forum. To see more or if you can not see a particular gallery, sign up and become a member of the Greenleaf Dollhouses Forum by clicking here:

All pictures below are copyrighted by the members named below and Greenleaf Dollhouses 

Greenleaf Username pquade

Greenleaf Username Raffa

Greenleaf username otterine

Greenleaf Username chattycathy66

Greenleaf username jujurodgers

Greenleaf Username rbytsdy

Greenleaf username LLyn M.

Greenleaf username Momof2Moos

Greenleaf username creativity95

Greenleaf username csd

Greenleaf Username Jo Med

SAM_2951 resized 

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