Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beacon Hill Dollhouse By Tracy Topps

I thought I would share some "eye candy" with you all. Here are pictures of the Beacon Hill I completed this year. I will post more shots later on but for now, here she is:

I had to mix the paint for the siding to get the ideal color that I had seen in my minds eye. It's so "crazy hard"to go shopping for paint! It seems like there are so many shades of a certain color but never the one I want and I almost always end up mixing my own paint.

The base on this house is detachable which can be very cool if a person want to change the base according to the seasons of the year.

I am almost finished with a new primrose kit that has been done a little differently and those pictures are coming very soon! Hope you all are having a Great day and Thank you for stopping by today!