Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Children playing with Sculpey

I am sure that if you are a parent, you dread to hear those words "I'm Bored". This long winter break (16 days!!! ) , I came up with an action plan. I decided that everyday we would do a craft project together, go to see some movies, ride the train to stay with my parents and let them have a sleep over.

Well, yesterday was the day I had down for making 1" scale babies and then we are going to make a little baby's room. I bought a disc about 3 years ago on ebay on how to sculpt babies and thought that would be more fun than using the clay press molds I had. So, I popped in the disc and it did not work!!!

What would a Mom like me do having no skills at sculpting babies in 1" scale?? Well, I took a ball of clay and started trying to make a face just to see if I could do it..... Well I did but I could not figure out how to do a body!! That's when we hopped in the car and went to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric.

Well, I sculpted one face again to show the girls how to do it and gave them each a pack of sculpty (Which I had all ready warmed up) and 3 hours later we have gorgeous babies!!

My daughters are ages 6 & 11 and we had a blast doing this.

This is my 6 year olds babies (One is gonna be for her Barbie doll who just had a baby LOL )

Sarah's Dolls

This one is of my 11 year olds babies

Rachels Dolls

and these are mine

Tracy's Dolls

Some of their babies look better than mine so Parents, Aunts or Grand moms, please give a pack of clay to kids. It's amazing to see them at work creating things from their own imagination!! Who knows, I was never able to sculpt dolls but one of my girls may actually love doing just that. The best part is, we created memories yesterday by creating them together. I hope this is something they will always remember......


CA Verstraete said...

Hey everyone did a great job! Pretty soon the girls wlll be helping you with the houses!

Marcie in Montana said...

Wonderful! Lovely babies!
Take those photos and create albums with them. Memories of your kids working together with you will give all of you so much joy tomorrow, next month and years down the road.
Marcie in Montana
Where it is snowing, snowing, snowing...

Anonymous said...

Tracey, the children will always remember this! Keep making memories and having fun. You all did a super job!

Jonesy, Victoria, BC

Anonymous said...

Tracy what a fantastic job the girls and you did. I am sure they had a blast doing this and I am sure it wont be their last time playing in clay :)

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Wow, what cute babies. Puts my scultping abilities to shame. Thanks for sharing. When my son was little, on those terrible snow days back in the midwest, we would work with clay. It was always fun.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank youall for your sweet & kind comments! The girls enjoyed reading them too!!

dalesdreams said...

So cute! What a great idea. :)