Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building The Greenleaf Pierce Outside Clay Stone & Brick - Day 10 -11

The porch roof has been added and it was simple to glue together. I used Quick Grip glue because it has a firm and fast grip on the parts needing to be glued together. The Porch roofs were added before the clay was! I changed the roof to the tower and made it pointed. The clay is drying on this side of the house.

Henry finally started sculpting the stones in the clay. first he put timber up and stained them. Then he started adding the brick & stone look to the clay. We keep telling Henry to please be careful going up and down the ladder!!

I have used 4 packs of 16oz paperclay so far here! Henry had a problem putting in doors and decided to get more help! These are the windows for the dinning room door. Laura, since I know ya like peacocks, I thought I would add a couple here. (It was so cool to find out that me and Lena's mom have SOOOo Much in common, we both love peacocks, and have a lot in common as to style and even personality traits. This was a cool and such a fun project for me)!!

This is Chuck, he installed the porch lights

Henry Really loves his Crew of workers.  Chuck is the young construction worker and the guy with the construction hat on name is Steve. You met young Bobby earlier. Yeap, they are all related.

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