Monday, May 23, 2011

Glencroft Dollhouse Build Installing Beams

(The Original Date of this Blog was June 22, 2005)

Well, I was stuck on this part and I was trying to figure which beams go where and thought that this would help others (Since I think I got them figured out now). This is the instructions showing which beams go where and I hope this helps you. I will post pictures of my progress soon. I am using paper clay inside and out on this house and I have to let it dry a bit more before I glue anything in place.

I installed all beams and I am waiting for the glue to dry (refer to section G on your instructions). This is the way they should look when you have assembled the entire set of them. Hope this helps all of you Glencroft builders out there! please note the pictures below is of the ceiling with the house turned upside down

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