Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arthur Dollhouse Kit Foundation Stones

I have finally started on the foundation and only have the back part left to complete. I added Creative Paper Clay ( ) to the foundation and sculpted stones to give it an authentic look of real stone. The trick comes in with the painting which has not started yet because I must wait for the clay to dry.
To add the clay, first I add some wood glue to the object I wish to paper clay. In the pictures, I used my chimney.

The second step it to roll the clay to the thickness of pie dough crust.
After that, The third step is to apply the clay starting at the edges and cut off any access.

The fourth step is to start to sculpt your stone with sculpting tools. You can even use a popscicle stick and cut the round edge off to make it flat. It may even help you to have a picture of the type of stone you wish to use.

The fifth step is to reshape some of your stones which may have shifted and you do this by using a stylus or I have heard of some using the edge of a fine paintbrush (the handle end of it).
Now, let it dry and then you paint and enjoy the look!!Now I have to complete the back foundation. All together it took me 45 minutes. It WILL take you longer. I have done MANY houses so it does take practice and some getting used to. Be patient and remember, HAVE FUN!!

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