Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Halfscale Dollhouse Kits by Greenleaf

Finally!! I am so excited I could just BURST!! I am one of those people who don't have a lot of space for dollhouses and am so excited that Greenleaf has come out with a new line of not One but Seven new half scale dollhouses! They have also come out with Five new half scale shingle designs!! I am so excited. Check it out here: Half scale Greenleaf Houses  I have had the Brimbles kit here for the past 3 weeks now and you all will love the Halfscale line!!

This is my favorite, it is the half scale Chantilly kit! Halfscale is also called 1/2" or G-scale or garden scale.

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Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

I love the new kits too! Only problem with 1/2 scale is the price of furinture! You can either buy the cheap stuff which isn't real cheap, or spend a small fortune on the good stuff! I swear it costs twice as much to furnish a half scale house! But they will be pretty to build and display as houses.