Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bishop Miniature Dollhouse Show 2010

I had such a Wonderful time at the Tom Bishop International show in Chicago this year! I saw so many Wonderful items. There is just so much talent and you get a certain energy buzzing around a room full of warm, friendly, inspiring and Artistic people. It's a shame but this year, most of my pictures did not come out. I am thinking this camera may be too old now (3 years) because it's been being weird for a while and I had been using my son's and decided not to bring his cause I was afraid, I'd lose it or something. I sure wish I had brought it! My daughter Rachel took better pictures than I did and here are some of those show stoppers. These are the only ones that came out decent enough to share. There were so many roombox pictures I took. My daughter Rachel took more than half of the best shots here!

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and I want to say "Thank You" to all of the Wonderful people who let us take pictures of their tables & items!!
Thank You All for stopping by and reading my blog today!

Anna Hardman Dolls

This roombox was based off of the painting by Painting by Konstantin Flavitsky of Princess Tarakanova.  You can read the tragic story of this Princess here

Arline Smith Roomboxes & Dolls

Arline was so sweet. She took time and talked with us for a nice period of time. She even explained to my daughter Rachel, exactly how she created the roombox and what types of parts and findings she used to create them. She even shared secretes as to how she create such wonderful rugs! The great thing about it is, she volunteered this info after Rachel asked her if she could take pictures of her wonderful work.

Rik Pierce Roomboxes

Rik' version of Weasley's Burrow from Harry Potter


Donna Hager said...

There was so much to see at the show that I didn't even see some of the items you took pictures of.
Thanks for posting them. Did Rik sell his Weasley's Burrow? I saw how big it was at the show.

The Old Maid said...

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful miniatures! I love Anna's dolls - I saw the roombox earlier on Minidolllist so I know hwo great job she made! And the roomboxes af Arline Smith and Rick Pierce are fab!

Ascension said...

Muchisimas gracias por las fotos.
Son unas minis fantasticas.
besitos ascension

Jody said...

It's so wonderful, thanks for sharing all this beautiful photos!

Groetjes Jody.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the view form my camera. It was so Wonderful to be there!!

Helinä said...

Hi Tracy!

I would like to ask your permission to share your photos of Riks Burrow in my blog. I'm dreaming of building my own Burrow and Rik is such an inspiration! He hasn't published any photos of his Burrow in his galleries, your pics are the only ones I've found.

I found your blog by googling the Burrow, and followed a link from Debbies Tiny Treasures, where your photos of Riks work where shared.

Your work is also wonderfull, I became your regular reader just now :D!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Helinä, Yes you can use the pictures and Thank you for asking! The Burrow was super huge and was such a Wonderful piece of art. The pictures I took did not do it justice! :)