Thursday, March 5, 2009

Packing & Shipping Dollhouses

People always ask me how do I pack & ship my custom dollhouses. The answer is, I don't! I hire a local company to do it for me. I use Parcel & Business Solutions to pack and ship all of my packages. They do such a professional and exceptional job that my customers almost always contact me to let me know how wonderful the house was packaged.

Yeah the cost can range from $35 - $65 to pack the house alone but, when you buy quality fragile items, you want to be sure they arrive to you in perfect condition. I had the chance to get a picture of Jerry, who packs all of my houses. I took this picture when he was about to pack the house I did as a prop for the Martha Stewart Living Show back in November. This is one thing I don't have to worry about too much because I know that I can trust that when I put my dollhouses in their care, the items (including the light fixtures) will arrive in working order to my customer. If you live close by and need to have something packed, take it to them and rest assured that your package will be packed with great attention to detail!!

They have been packing my custom dollhouses for over 8 years now! Thanks Jerry & Parcel Business Solutions

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