Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creating Distressed Plank Siding for Dollhouses

Well, this Months Greeneaf Gazette has two tutorials I did up for our Members. One of them is how to Create Distressed Plank Siding for Dollhouses The other is Creating the look of Plank Flooring. You can see Both Tutorials PLUS two tutorials from Deb's of (and The Greenleaf Gazette's Editor In Chief ) about distressing siding & on creating floor planks for your dollhouse too. It was kinda funny. I created these tutorials without telling her and when I finished I called her up on the phone and told her I was about to email them to her. Well, she had done 2 similar tutorials but of course, not the same methods were used by us so they are different techniques so take a look!! You'll enjoy it!

You can see the tutorial also below:

Step One: paint the entire floor black (This helps because there will be gaps).

 After painting, you complete by adding the siding to the floor. Be sure to cut  them randomly on the floor, because this is a shack (you can always make them  a more organized layout by staggering them in a pattern like a modern floor). Now, take your cup and add 3 parts modge podge and 1 part paint in your cup. Then stir your mixture. It dries fast so you should start brushing it soon.

 Brush your mixture all over the floor going in the direction of the wood grain. It will look very muddy when you first apply it but it lightens up as it dries.

 This is a picture that shows how part of the floor is drying and you 
can see the muddy wet part
 This is what it'll look like when it dries. If your floor looks too light, you can add another coat. I used Glossy Modge Podge on this one.
And this is the finished upstairs floor!


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