Monday, September 6, 2010

Apple Tree Cottage Dollhouse

Every now and again, I'll look at a dollhouse kit and see many different things that it can become. Many of you know I love to edit the Greenleaf dollhouse kits because I love the challenge of making them look different. I have never built a Greenleaf kit exactly per the instructions. Back when I started building them though, I had no idea it was called "Kit Bashing" and that it was something people did when they wanted to change the look of the kit they had purchased. 

Well, once again, I took the ordinary kit called "The Primrose"

And I turned it into this which I call "The Apple Tree Cottage"

It was a fun build. I move the door, added height to the upstairs room and added a dormer window to give that room more light. You can see more pictures by clicking the picture below:

Apple Tree Cottage by Tracy Topps


TreeFeathers said...

Wow, that is absolutely adorable, I want to live there! You always do such amazing work.

- Grace

Sans! said...

Tracy, that's some fabulous work!!

Michelle said...

I love everything! It's all amazing and I love the plants just as much! ;o))

Michelle xx

Cynthia's Minilife said...

It's lovely Tracy - I especially like the dormer window with the frosted glass!