Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laser Cut vs. Diecut

What type of builder are you? Are you a die-cut fan or are you a fan of the new laser cut line? Well, what's so special about the laser cut line of dollhouse kits by Greenleaf? Why should you spend the extra cash on these kits when you have been doing the die cut ones forever?

My husband always ask me the question "what is your time worth" whenever I complain that something costs more than I wanted to spend and I feel I can "create it" or "do it" myself. He says this when it comes time to paint the house because he'd rather pay someone to paint the house. He says it when it's time to wash the car, he'd rather pay someone else to do it so he can do the things he enjoy most.

Well, I think of that comment when I look at the Laser cut line by Greenleaf. Some of us Miniaturist enjoy the die cut kits more because we feel that we are putting MORE of ourselves into the kit that we want to gift to someone special or just to have for ourselves because we are the ones sanding and doing the extra prime paint coat on the houses.

Then there are some of us who love to build, but don't care much for the sanding and extra stuff that goes into the assembling of the kits. The laser cut line, has crisp clean edges as soon as they come out of the die. They are very easy and there is no sanding required!! The kits costs a little more but the time you spend actually building these kits is what makes this kit worth every cent. Also, the price is still a Steal when compared to the rest of the dollhouse manufactures out there.

People who came to the Greenleaf Dollhouse table at the Aztec Show were very impressed with the new line of dollhouse kits from Greenleaf and MANY of the people placed orders for their own stores. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see just what the buzz is all about. Order your laser cut line today!!

This is the comparison picture just to show you the same sheet from the Buttercup. The one to the left it the laser cut and the one to the right is die-cut.

This is a fun kit to build no matter which version you get. They are both from our favorite company Greenleaf dollhouses. Ask yourself though which one do you feel like doing? We have a choice now!! The Buttercup is not done in the laser line right now, they were only used at the Aztec Show for comparison purposes to show customers the difference between the new line.

Thank you to all who visited our table and to everyone who stopped and chatted with us and told me how much they enjoyed the Rosedale I did up for the show!! This was my first time at the Aztec Miniature show and I had a ball meeting people face to face that I have talk to for years on the phone or online!!

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Daisy said...

Really, laser cut is much better!