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Lily Dollhouse Build Blog Day 2 & 3 Window Assembly

05 June 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Window Assembly

After reading everyone else blog & studying the instructions and the box picture, I thought I should add the windows now because once some of the walls go up, I will not have access to some areas in the rooms.

I started by painting the surrounds of the windows because I know a portion of them will show. Then I added the "Sashes". On the outside of the house, they go on top. on the inside of the house, they go at the bottom.

This is the picture of the Windows Casings added

 I Love the way these windows assemble because they look like they are working windows. I will add the other steps and pictures for the windows shortly. This was the part I would get a lot of questions from others on because their were no pictures in the instruction. I hope having the pictures now help you all out.

05 June 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Window Assembly
  I added the casing bottoms which are pictured below 

I then painted the wood above the windows because that part will show through when the Pediments are put into place

I then added the Pediments and you can see that the lighter green shows through the darker green color of the pediment

I then added the pediment caps to the windows which rests on top and centered on the pediment. I also added the corner blocks to the windows:

I then added a dirty wash of Green umber to darken the bright colors and also to blend them. I will put on another wash after this one dries
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Marion Armstrong said...

I'm so glad I saw your blog. I wouldn't have painted around the Windows first. Thank you.