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Lily Dollhouse Building Blog Days 9 - 12

October 23 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Adding The Clay

I finished painting and adding the dormers to the roof. After that, I decided to start painting the base coat on the trim that I added to the house (It will get about 4 washes to make it look like stone). I then started adding the clay to the foundation. I also made little clay embellishments that I want to add to the porch to give the effect and mood that my customer wants for this house.

After I finished that, I painted the porch a very dark brown. Then I started adding clay to bottom of the house. I decided to have the random stone effect. Here are the pictures so far:

I also had to redo the floors upstairs and down because I had not added a finish to them before I put the house in the garage


 November 3 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Completing the clay work

I did not realize that I have not added more pictures of the rest of the clay work I have done to this house. It is a large house to add clay too, which means, I am using a lot more clay than I thought I would. It is looking wonderful though.

The outside is all done.

 Finished Roof Shingles

 November 7 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Completing the clay work

I have completed the entire outside of the Lily!!!
;) :whistle: :) :)

I will start painting it tomorrow

 November 10 2006
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Painting The Lily

 I have begun to paint the outside stone & shingles of the Lily and it's beginning to look like an old dreary home (which is the effect my customer wants).

I have added the extra sculpted elements at the bottom of the house around the base. I will add the doors and porch rails. The pictures show only the first color added to the house. More pictures to come soon!!

These pictures almost make the house look like the stones are gray but they are actually a dark brown color.

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