Friday, June 24, 2011

McKinley Dollhouse Build Blog (Roof Editing)

May 26 2008
Posted by Minis On The Edge
Roof Editing

I started with foam core just to see if this design would work and if it would look really nice. I ended up cutting the roof height (on the raised roof side) down to 8" high. This is what it looked like in the beginning:

It took a while (3.5 hrs. ) to get the angles right because I found out that this house needed a little more support now that I was bashing it away from how it should have been done.

This is after I added the wood roof & attic parts. It was level on one side and not the other and I went around and around with the leveler :) I did finally get it right :p . After I got it to the point where I was satisfied , I added sandpaper and painted it black to give the roof floor an "Asphalt" look. I then added the Chimney stack ;) :

I wanted to add roof trim to give the roof more detail. At first I started off by using the kits trim:
I ended up using some iron railing for the widows walk instead. 

I aged it with a sea foam green paint:

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jose said...

fantastic work

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank You Jose!

Audra said...

This is exactly what I want to do to the Victorianna I just ordered! I knew I had seen this before - So glad I found it so I can try it out.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Glad you found it Audra! I'm doing this to a Victorianna myself. Glad you found one. They are rare to find now a days :0)