Friday, December 5, 2008

Building Walls To The Greenleaf Pierce - Day 3

Day 1
I added the Kitchen and dinning room wall and the front wall today. I am waiting for the hardwood floors to come in. Once it does, I will install the floors, then move forward. Meanwhile, I started adding the wallapers I have on hand to the rooms they will go in. Most times, I add the wallapers and floors and lights as I build. You will notice this as you watch this kit come together.

Day 3

I finally got the first shipment of things ordered. This one had the floors. I installed, stained and then I made Henry Sand them. I stained them again because the fumes were too strong for Henry. After that, I put 2 light coats of Varnish on them. I also satined the staircase. As you can see, I started the wallpaper downstairs. That's Right, Henry Picked out and Put up the Wallpaper here. He is so proud of his work.

Kitchen wallpaper

The Kitchen wall paper Has been added too. There will be wood added to the bottom of the kitchen walls

Other Pierce walls

Now the other front wall has been added and the 2nd floor. Of course there will be trim but that always goes on last ;) You can see the wonderful paper added to the ceilings. The tape is holding everything together while the glue dries

This is the second Floor

Adding The Lights 
Now I will add the lights to the 1st floor before I add hardwood to the 2nd floor. Details on how this was done can be read later on because I don't want to add too many pictures to this post right now. But at this point, they are added.  This is the adding lights link on how I did this

The Kitchen
The kitchen is pretty much almost finished (missing the back wall but I can do that until I start the 3rd floor) Lena, do you like this light fixture? Let me know dear.  You can also see I finished up a lot of the trim work in the kitchen.

Another entryway to the dinning room

This is the entryway under the stairs that lead from the front door. I didn't realize it was there until I built it. This kit is just like a real life house. Full of nooks and crannies!

This is all for today! See More Pictures of Day 3 Here or Go to on to Day 4 of this Pierce Dollhouse build!


WrightStuff said...

OMG!! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! A friend found this kit and gave it to me, so this is my first time with a dollhouse kit, let alone a dollhouse. Found your blog from the Greenleaf website. I can't believe how many people are into this, and how much fun it is. I absolutely love Henry, this blog rocks!!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

So did you ever build it! I want to see pictures. It is a Fabulous Kit!