Friday, December 5, 2008

Building The Greenleaf Pierce Stairs - Day 2

Staircase instruction Step #2
Staircase Front & Right Bottom Side. This is the two pieces put together in there slots. Henry had a hard time doing this but he finally got it together

Staircase Step #3

This is with the left bottom side added.

Staircase Step #4
The first Landing slot is installed. Henry is looking at the back side because that is the next part to do

Step #5
The Back side has been glued into place and the tape is helping to hold it together. If a person is building this house, they might want to put this on the first floor in the slots so that they will align the back side correctly. I put in The second landing on too

Staircase Steps # 6 & 7The second floor landing has been added and the upper section took me a while to figure out HOW it went in. I had to stare at the picture for a while to figure this out LOL. I guess I should get some sleep!!

Henry is testing out the work so far to be sure they are fit for the Princesses to enjoy. You can also see a better shot of step # 8

Step # 8I added the risers and then Henry put in the stairs


This is the staircase completely assembled with bannisters and all

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Deni said...

Henry has done a great job on these stairs

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Those stairs were so difficult the first time around. I could not believe how much time I spent on the stairs alone but they are really nice stairs!