Saturday, May 12, 2012

Greeting Card Dollhouse Miniature Gift Part 2

You can see Part 1 of this Tutorial by clicking HERE

The Next Step is to get some of your favorite pictures and scan them in and shrink them to fit your miniature card scene. Then print them out on card stock and cut them out. Take your ModPodge and add it to the back of your picture and to a contrasting color of card stock then add the picture centered and then smooth out and add more ModPodge on top like this:

when that dries, cut and fold your contrasting color card stock so that it will be the frame and look like this:

 back side

Fold it and Glue it. This is a side view.

front view:

I took several of my favorite pictures. One of my two brothers and I when we were little and a recent one of my Mom and added ModPodge and cut them out.  I then  glued them directly to the greeting card.

I Then added my iron fencing and more flowers around it like this:

I then added leaves to the back of the card around the base:

Here are pictures of other greeting card scenes I have done in the past so don't forget to be imaginative!!

I used that card twice but did the settings different with each one pictured below. The cloths are Jean Day's designs:

This was a Thank you card I gave to my fitness instructor back in the day when I still worked out at the gym and not at home:

Thanks so much for stopping by and please leave a comment and let me know if you liked this tutorial and want more in the future!

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Deborah Berthiaume said...

How imaginative! That's what I love about Dollhouse collectors, their creativity. Yours is a truly original way of sharing your love of miniatures with others. Creativity must be nurtured and encouraged.

Muhammad Atif said...

Your activities are very creative and appreciate able.
Hank Hendricks
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Caseymini said...

Very clever, Tracy! What a nice way to display your cards.

Yanhearts♥ said...

This is so creative! I love it so much!
I might do this for the next mother's day.
Please continue to post more creative ideas and works! yayyy!