Monday, April 23, 2012

Tom Bishop's Chicago International Dollhouse Show 2012

What a Show! This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to one of the greatest Miniature Shows on Earth. It was the Tom Bishop's International Show 2012 in Chicago. I missed last year's show and was so disappointed because I love to see what new items different artisans have created over the past 12 months for this show.

It's a Great time for many artisans to show off their talents on so many different categories in miniature. Some make custom lights fixtures, animals, furniture, buildings, flowers, even stained glass and pots and pans.

What makes this show so unique from the others is the items. You can easily find lights to light your dollhouse, but artisan hand create these lights and they can look so much like a real light fixture in your full sized home, that when you look at the picture, it will have you guessing, "is it real"? Even the animals, carpets, furniture, flowers and houses can just leave you in awe.

Well, I took some pictures but, I am so sorry to say that I got so wrapped up with talking to people that I have only talked to online or friends I haven't seen in years, that I found myself stopped at their table and I forget to take pictures of their wonderful items. I'm sorry about that and promise to do better next time. I was so excited to just be there.

Of course my first stop was to see Rik & Marcia Pierce. I learned from Rik how to do the stones in paperclay and have taken several classes over the years with him. I had such fun stopping by and chatting and talking with both Rik  and his wife. It's so fun to get a view of her new items. The one below, is incomplete. The insides is not finished. Some of the rooms has not been started on at all and other room are not painted yet.

This is of the Dragon Wizard Tower he is creating for one of his Clients. It's stunning!

Front with dragon head door

This is the back

Next, I saw my friend from the Greenleaf Forum Deana who has gone through a lot in the past year. We talked for about 2 hours straight! It was our first time meeting in person and she is just a sweet and funny & cool lady! Her gorgeous daughter talked to my daughter while her Mom and I talked then I realized we were standing across from Erik Goddard's table!! I LOVE his stuff! My Favorite was his roombox depiction of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado". My Daughter loved his Modern Scenes, it made her think of the Movie "In Time" that came out last year.

Rachel's Favorite

I then had the opportunity to see Dennis Nordman. He taught his first class this year and it was called "Wizards R Us". He is also a student of Rik Pierce. He was excited to be at the show selling and teaching. I met him 2 years ago while of course, I was taking one of Riks classes.

I then went to the doll room. I wanted to see my friend Bev Gelfand. She had a fabulous table and was just a Wonderful person to be able to talk to. She is so open and friendly. Her dolls were so Gorgeous! 

She and I together.

I also had a chance to see my other doll friend Gayle Clausen. Her dolls just brings a huge smile to your face!

 I had the chance to briefly see Jo Bevilacqua and her wonderful roomboxes and other items. Isn't this Fabulously Gorgeous!

 This one is a class she is doing at her home. This was totally Beautiful at the show:

These were just a few of my favorites and am so sorry that I did not take more pictures! If you have blogged things you got at the show this past weekend, please feel free to leave a comment with your blog address so others can see what you liked most at the show. Please feel free to visit the links provided so you can see more of their items. Unfortunately, Dennis Nordman does not have a website. When you click his name, his email will show up though. 

Hope you enjoyed the visiting my blog today!

Tracy Topps
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dalesdreams said...

Awesome!!!! :)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow! What a wonderful post, wish I could have been there :)


Margaret said...

That show looks wonderful, the Dragon Wizard's Tower is fabulous.

Garden of Miniatures said...

Many thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, all the things are really outstanding!!! Jeannette

MinisOnTheEdge said...

It was such a Fabulous show! I hate I missed the other two shows ( yes there are 3 going on during the same weekend)! I will do better next year ( I hope ). Thanks for reading my blog!

Lynda Kubish said...

John built the basic shop for Spencer's Nook's (Jo Bevilacqua) Melindy Eline you have pictured here. It is a staple and available at most shows. We will be at Chicago International 2014 and we have 2 available. We also have it in a larger version - approximately 27" wide. We can always make more and ship.

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