Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greenleaf Dollhouse Barbie 2" scale Roombox

Several Years ago, I got my hands on a 2" scaled Barbie Roombox by Greenleaf on eBay. I was so excited because I used to always collect any of the older Greenleaf dollhouse kits I could get my hands on. I was so excited I did not want to open the box. One day I hit the jack pot. Someone was selling all of their old store stock and they had 3 of these kits sitting on their shelves. I bought them and decided to build one for my youngest daughter back in 2008.

This is what it looked like when I finished it. She was younger at the time and everything had to be pink.

Last year (in December), she wanted me to freshen it up a bit. She took very good care of the roombox but it had writing on the walls and scuff marks so I told her I would do it. I got so busy (working to pay bills and everything else life throws my way) I let those get in the way of my doing it.

Every time I walked past it, I would clean it up and I even sat it on my work table a few times but I never "worked" on it (So she would take it to play with of course). I always felt guilty for not getting back to it.

Yesterday Morning, I decided to put all of my other work on the back burner for the day and spent the day fixing up her roombox. For the most part, it still looked great considering how much Sarah & Rachel had played with it. This is what it looked like Yesterday Morning when I "stole" it from her bedroom.

The floor boards were all in tack but where dull looking so, I added a darker stain to them and then added a varnish on top of them. She had already picked out the wallpapers she liked so I decided to use one from her stack of wallpapers which is a light turquoise.
 I decided to accent and compliment that with a darker turquoise blue on some of the trim.

I then added some details on all of the white trim I decided to keep. The stained glass window still look great so I kept that in place. I also decided to add a stone paper to the fireplace instead of the red brick that was there. This past winter, I had purchased a 3 light outdoor post from the dollar store. It was a smaller scale because it was sold for their train village and it lit up via a battery pack. I kept looking at it and decided if I painted the post part silver it could become a nice ceiling light (And because it used AA batteries, I wouldn't worry about them playing with the electric). By the end of the day yesterday, this is what the roombox looked like:

 Of course, Sarah is very pleased with it and has begged me to make her two more rooms so I will build them this week and let her paint the trims and everything else (to one of them and then I'll do the other).

Sorry that the colors still don't show the "true" color shade but, maybe one day, I'll take lessons on learning how to use a camera to take pictures correctly 
You can see more pictures by clicking below:

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DLSarmywife said...

Oh wow! Those are really neat! and I LOVE the new color scheme!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

:) Thank you so much for your kind words!! I have built another box today but we haven't done anything to it yet. I'll post pictures when we do :)