Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shabby Chic Completed Dollhouse

Birds, Bunny Rabbit and a cat are the little creatures you'll see peeping around this cute little cottage! Sometimes, I get excited about a project when it begins to look like what I saw in my minds eye and this house did not disappoint me. When I looked at the bare kit, this was exactly what I saw and it was fun making it into this dream cottage pictured here.

The basic die-cut wood kit comes to the customer with wood pieces for the house. The roof that comes with this kit is corrugated cardboard. The windows and doors where square which just did not match the roof line to me so I added a different door (It is the interior doors left over from a Glencroft kit from Greenleaf Dollhouses). I added wood decorations to the tops of the outdoor window to jazz it up some and to also add a curve that was missing on these windows. I also electrified the house so that all of the lights and the outlets work and come on when plugged in. I made the statue of the little boy holding a bird. I sculpted him from creative paperclay. The roof tiles, stones and brick and even the grassy base are all created using creative paperclay. I made the rose bush with delicate rose flowers and petals. The vine next to the front of the house house 2 birds and I also made the bird house out of wood that is on the side of the house. The rose door knocker was also made by me using creative paperclay and painted floral wire.

This was a fun house to build. It is 1" scale and the measurements are 18" W x 17"H x 14 1/2" D (including the base).  It will be listed for sell here at my Minis On The Edge Store. The bed, couch, stool & chair will be included in the sell of this house. Look for the tutorial on how I created the dresser and the bed in the next Greenleaf Dollhouses Gazette Online newsletter.

You can see More Pictures of this house by clicking here:

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TreeFeathers said...

Great job, Tracy! I love the vine growing by the door and the side of the house - really spectacular. Looking forward to your tutorials!

- Grace

Nicky CC said...

another beautiful creation Tracy!! Every one you make WOW's me! :) xxx

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you Grace & Nicky!! It feels so good to hear compliments from you both dice you are Amazing Artisans yourselves !!