Friday, June 4, 2010

Dollhouse Whispering Cove Furnished

My Customer took some fabulous pictures of the house I did for her (The Whispering Cove) . I was so excited to see the house furnished and looking Great and filled with pieces from other Great Talented people. There is a Doll by Julie of Bellabelle dolls (which was Kathy's inspiration for this house) and the Furniture was customized by Deb of Debs Minis and there is even a Cute dollhouse in the Parlor created by Pat Carlson Miniatures

It is so Wonderful to be able to see the house after it has been decorated and in the new owners home. I am also tickled pink to see and know that my house is adorned with items from some of the best miniaturists out there! I am really tickled pink about that!

I'll stop rambling now and share the pictures. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and please feel free to stop by and Julie, Deb & Pat's site. They really are truly fabulous Artisans!

whispering cove bedroom-1-1

Whispering Cove bedroom-1

whispering cove dungeon-1-1

whispering cove dungeon-1

whispering cove parlor-1-1

Whispering Cove-1


Chrissa said...

This is so cool, Tracy!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thanks Chrissa!