Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Coming To an End

This month went by too fast! December is coming to an end and this is my first post for this month! It has been a busy month for me and my family. I also have not been feeling too well this month and dealing with some of the symptoms from graves disease (Though the doctors still say I am okay and don't need meds yet). Anyone with this disease knows how crazy things get when the doctors tell you that you are "just fine" because your blood work does not show that anything is wrong. The thing is you know your body and the fact that your immune system has started fighting and attacking things it should not, again. I am feeling muscle weakness and I am just not having it! I fought too hard to get the weight off and so I am back to walking. No P90x for the moment but I am starting back in January. I will start back doing Turbo Jam today. Anyway, That's a subject  don't even want to talk too much about right now because I can't dwell on it too much. It is what it is so I'll talk about the other stuff that has been going on.

The kids are home for winter break and no matter what BIG FUN thing we do, once it's done, the next words coming out of their mouths are... "We're bored" LOL. Oh well, I guess that means they need more housework and practice homework to do Huh??

The kids really aren't too bad. They are just being kids and I have been trying my best to not let them watch too much TV so with that comes the constant words, "What do we do now" or "We're Bored".

The beginning of the month, before bedtime, I started reading to them again. I read them a Chapter or two from the book "The Forgotten Door" by Alexander Key to start us off. We finished it in about 9 days.

My dad brought that book home to me many Moons ago (I was about 9 years old) and I loved that book so much! I still had it and found it in my multitudes of books stashed everywhere in plastic storage bins in the garage. Well, they loved it so much that this week, I will propose that they each create a diorama showing their most favorite part from the book. I checked iTunes,  Amazon, and to see if they had this book in audio but of course, they don't.

Anyway, Rachel likes to make dioramas so I am thinking this may be a fun project for them. The only problem I can find with it is the fact that Rachel & Sarah have about 5 miniature projects right now in their bedroom so space is getting limited. I'll let you all know how that turns out.

Now I am reading the Book "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbitt (Another book my Dad bought me as a kid). They like it a lot so far. We just started it last Tuesday and we are almost done with it. I'm not sure what we'll read next before bedtime.

I am thinking of a Book Called The Foreigner, the Story of a Girl Named Ruth By Gladys Malvern. This is a book that was being discarded at the school I worked at and I discovered that I really like a lot of books by this author and so I have several. This one will take longer to read but I think they'll like it a lot.

I also decided to change my entire room again. The colors are Brown and Teal & Turquoise. Turquoise is my Favorite shade of blue and has been forever and I was having some winter blues and decided hey, why not get rid of the black & white (Again) and go blue. So I did that on Friday LOL. Last year, I had a red & gold bedroom (My poor husband, bet he did not know his wife was gonna be addicted to textiles, dolls & dollhouses AND pretty papers when he said "I do" 15 years ago). He likes it though and only got annoyed a little bit this time about the change because he had to help put the curtains up and I kept telling him they were crooked and finally I went to get the chair to do it myself LOL. Sometimes, I think he does that so I won't be too quick to ask him to do something else LOL .

The picture is not of my actual bedroom (Cause I need to get two more curtain panels) And my furniture has more straight lines. I'll take real shots next week hopefully. Last year, I wish I had taken pictures of my bedroom because it was just so pretty. So every time I change it from now on, I'll take pictures.

I also want to change the girls bedroom colors too. Rachel is 12 and Sarah will be 8 next month. I think I will get rid of the Princess Castle stuff. I have changed their room a bit (These shots are from years ago) but the castle things are still there and annoying us girls and we are deciding on what to change things to. The pictures below are of the girls room. Oh well, I gotta go watch "spy kids" with the girls. I've seen it a Million times but it's one of our favorites! Hope you all enjoyed December so far and I hope you continue to have a good one! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

Girls Bedroom 2005 Girls Bedroom 2005 Girls Bedroom 2005 Girls Bedroom 2005


Caseymini said...

Tracy, You brought back memories. When I was just a kid I read every Gladys Malvern book I could get my hands on. I don't think I have ever met anyone in the past 40 years that has read her books! Loved them!

I hope that the Graves disease is not going to hold you down for long. I don't really know anything about it, but it doesn't sound pleasant. Please e mail me about the Feburary writing gig. I have a couple of ideas.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Wow, I never met anyone who have read Gladys Malvern books either! What's your favorite one? I think I love "Behold Your Queen" the best. Did you know that those books are actually valuable now? Try buying them now LOL. I will email you about the February thing for sure!

The Graves disease is no fun. I am having issues with not being able to tolerate heat, extreme shyness & nervousness, heart palpitations, fatigue, muscle weakness in my legs & arms, lack of sleep, lack of focus and a few others. It can be depressing if I dwell on it but I must say, it is getting harder to overlook some of them. I also have some of the best customers in the world! Some of them have been so understanding about the delayed orders. It's so hard to stay focused on them sometimes and when I get the energy burst, I can do a house in a matter of days.

I went through some pretty stressful things this year which is one of the things that causes this to flare up. I am hoping this coming year is better & that I can get this under control fast.

FrenchEclair said...

I was browsing through blogs & came accross yours. Im so sorry you have been ill. I have suffered on & off with chronic fatigue syndrome which ive had since my teens. So i can understand how you have been effected with immune system. But you sound like myself very positive & ready to battle through it. I like what you have been doing to your home. Very pretty. Keep well ;-)) xx

Sans! said...

Hi Tracy, I hope this comment finds you well ! You have overcome many things and you are my inspiration! Hang in there. I think brown and teal is an awesome combo.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Sans, You are so sweet!! I am doing Great (just busy but, in a good way). Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! You always make me smile!