Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teresa's New Shop & Everything in between

I Just wanted to announce that my friend Teresa just opened up her Etsy shop this past weekend. It is Called "Knik Knaks n Paddy Wacks" You can visit it by clicking here:

She is a Wonderful Artist and she really teaches others how to paint creations of their own very well. Several years ago, Teresa made me a food tray as a gift and I just had to share a picture of it because I can tell you from experience that her stuff is Wonderful! We have used this tray a lot over the years (especially when someone is not feeling well). She has Wonderful hand painted art work right now and she will have items that you can use in every day life (Just like my wonderful tray) so you all have to keep on checking in to see her wonderful items!

Today mostly was a crazy day for me. My husband and youngest is still not feeling well. They went to the doctors office yesterday and my husband has a sinus infection & my youngest was given 3 medicines. One of them is a decongestant which still does not seem to be working. I'm a bit worried about her and may keep her home tomorrow though it is Crazy Hat day at school and we got her a crazy hat to wear and she posed for us a few minutes ago. It's so cute I had to share it with you all.

I hope you all are having a Super Fantastic evening! I stopped by my son & daughter in laws house tonight and bought them a pizza for dinner. They are doing so Fantastic and today is there 6 month marriage Anniversary. Young love is so sweet!

I gotta go play catch up. I have 2 friends I need to contact tonight before I go to bed and it's getting late around here so I hope you all stay safe and warm. A couple of my friends and I have been working on trying not to go to bed upset with anyone or worried about anything for the past few weeks. We have all found how good it feels to do that too. Sometimes, we can be mad not at people but "things". Things like the fact that we were not born Rich, Happy & Healthy LOL. I had been reading a book a couple of months ago and I started reflecting on the fact that we all have issues with one of those three things (If a person is Financially rich he may be lonely or not have his health. A person can be healthy but not be happy or rich) so we decided we can all work on being Happy no matter what our financial status is or what our health issues may be. Finding happiness in the little things in our lives will make us all so much more content because we are all focused on what is going on RIGHT in our lives.

So, I am asking you all to try it too. Don't go to bed upset with anyone tonight. Forget whatever it is (Argument over who ate your last piece of cake or kids did not do their homework before bed). Do not go to bed upset about any THING (the bills will be there tomorrow when you wake up so why worry about them). There is a saying "Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday, and all is well." So whatever it is pass out hugs & kisses before bed! Reflect on all the good things going on in your life. Forget that your knees hurt. Remember they hurt because you were able to walk around today or maybe you were dancing with the kids. Doing this will make those around you sleep better you will sleep better & you'll also wake up feeling better and more refreshed too which means you'll have a better day tomorrow.

Live with much Love & Passion!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog tonight!


Unknown said...

Tracy, I'm sorry to hear that Chris and Sarah are sick . . . I hope they get better soon! I love Sarah's crazy hat! Too cute!

Thank you so much for blogging about my Etsy shop! What a surprise to visit you this evening and find my name up in lights! LOL! I really appreciate your encouragement and support . . . it means so much to me!

I really enjoyed reading this post and couldn't agree more . . . going to bed without forgiveness makes for a bad night. Something I think we all need to work on all the time.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Kim said...

Another incredibly awesome post- and although I never go to bed angry at someone- I often feel bad because something is aching or hurting- instead of feeling good that I have the use of my body and am relatively healthy. Thanks again Tracy, for an uplifting post that has me thinking :)

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank You Teresa & Kim for stopping by to read my blog! Teresa, I use that tray you gave me so much I just had to blog about your store to let people know your work it top notch. Kim, your statement about something aching or hurting was something I have been guilty of too. I changed my focus and I think about all of the people who don't have use of their body parts at all. I used to hate my stretchmarks on my belly until I was reading a documentary about a burn victim and the problems with skin grafts. I felt silly to complain about my marks that I got from carrying my beautiful children after reading that book. Big Hugs to you both!! ~ Tracy