Friday, July 24, 2009

Greenleaf Rosedale Dollhouse

Yesterday, the laser cut Rosedale Dollhouse kit arrived. I was so excited to get it because I have had the older diecut one downstairs forever waiting to one day be built. Dean (the owner of Greenleaf dollhouses) told me to put it together as soon as I got it so I could see for myself just how fast I could assemble the house. I must say, after working on this house, I have decided that I only want to do laser cut houses!! I literally did not sand ANYTHING!! All of the wood pieces and trim pieces were just perfect. I assembled the entire house (Minus the inside window trim only) in 2 hours (Okay.... I had a lunch break and kept the timer on cause I forgot to turn it off).

This house is much bigger than i thought it was too. The clean cuts really gives the finished product a really beautiful look. The wood looks perfect. I just gotta say once again that I loved building this kit and if you have NOT tried a product from the Greenleaf Dollhouses Laser cut line, now is the perfect time to.

Now, I'll go back to sanding the Beacon Hill die cut house that i had been so excited about (until Dean spoiled me with the Laser cut house LOL ). I think I want to build a Rosedale for myself one day soon.

There are some New Surprises coming our way from Greenleaf Dollhouses soon too so stay tuned!

I also wanna say Thank you to Dean & Lisa for sending me the kit. It really made my day to have the chance to put something together this fast. Yeap, I am still working on the Beacon Hill. I feel like i am working on it in slow motion. The house is huge and there are so many pieces to it!! There are over 10 pieces to assemble each dormer window alone and there are five of those plus other windows. I was able to get those glued in place today too! The picture below shows the Beacon Hill next to the Rosedale (before I added the Beacon Hill Dormers).


A. Wright said...

.... must resist urge to purchase another kit.

I really like the look of this house and am very happy to see the new laser cut kits happen during my lifetimee :D

I'm sure the ease of these kits will make, previously intimidated, hobbists more willing to try one.

Caseymini said...

Wow! Two hours AND lunch too! It looks great, Tracy!I also am trying to resist buying another house until I finish the two that I still have under the bed and behind the door. I want a Brimbles and a lighthouse and a Rosedale and.....Santa are you listening???

MinisOnTheEdge said...

You both gotta get one!! When my husband came home even HE could not believe I had assembled the entire house that fast. I am a "Messy" worker too so he was surprised to see my area clean too LOL. I want to build the Tennyson (the new laser cut one) Next.... I am addicted 100% LOL

wenlaine said...

I'm very excited about the new laser cut dollhouses that are coming out. I also purchased the Rosedale and can't wait to get to it. Since I have the new Tennyson as well, I will just have to have the add-on. Can't wait for it to come out for sale. What an exciting time for miniaturists!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Oh Wendy, I can not wait to see you build yours!!! The Laser cut houses are like a breath of fresh air!! They are such a breeze to assemble that they give us the end result we want much faster. The clean lines are perfect at each corner of these kits too. Im Hooked all over again!! ~ Tracy