Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paper Minis

I have been on the mailing list of Ann Vanture of for about 3 years now and I thought I would blog about the wonderful things she has. I told you all last month how my daughters come to me from time to time talking about how "bored" they are so, when I hear those words, this is another one of those creative weapons I use so that I won't keep hearing the words "I'm Bored" .

One of the best thing about the site is that she actually have a club so that 2 times out of a month, you can get free projects. They are not lame things either. They are wonderful things to fill up your dollhouse bedrooms, kitchens, baths gardens and last year she even had these shadow boxes.

The link to her club of the month kits are emailed direct to your email box and they come in different scales and you can choose to download the scale you use. I usually download all four scales because my girls have dolls for all of them and use them. The scales are:

1 inch dollhouse scale (1:12)
Hitty doll scale (6.25” doll height)
Fashion doll scale like Barbie™ and reproduction dolls (1:6)
Girl doll scale like American Girl™ and My Twinn™ (1:3)
half-inch and quarter-inch scale projects (1:24 & 1:48)

If you are not on her mailing list, I would like to suggest you get on it!! She is even having a sale this month. Try something new and have fun with your Minis!!

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Daisy said...

I'm also in the list of Vanture Ann, I love!