Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rosedale For the Greenleaf Table

I don't know what's taking so long for me to complete the outside of this one (maybe cause I am working on other houses) But this is the house Greenleaf is taking to the Aztec Miniature show. I think I want the yellow rose bush to be a climbing rose bush going up the sides of the House. I am sure I need a cat or dog and bunny rabbit and some bids out to give the outsides a little life but, will it detract from the actual house??

Please let me know what you all think regarding this. Maybe it'll help me decide. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. I just took a shot of them and had to crop out the Beacon Hill cause I will unveil that next week when I have the thumbs up from my customer.

Then I am working on a 1/2" scale House (doing the outsides only and it is a marvelous house). I am also working on a new Orchid house that will have a cave underneath and a tower added to it. I am so pleased with the rough draft of that one too so, next month you all will have an eye ache cause there will be so much eye candy here!

Okay so please help me with the Rosedale. Will all of the trees I normally add to the houses distract from the house and should I leave it like it is? Or should I add what I normally do to it? Remember, this is for Greenleaf to display at a Show. I was given free reign to just do it and leave the insides unfinished. Thanks in advance for any advice you all give!!



Kayjay said...

I would do what you normally do, as your trees and outside detailing are fabulous and part and parcel of making the house your own :0)

Kim said...

I am not a miniature artist- so I hope others give you advice too. I think that the house is stunning as it is. It is so rich looking- it pops out at you in the pictures. I am excited to see the Orchid- it sounds like it is going to be amazing.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

In my opinion definatly trees, it looks a touch bare, it will make it come to life more, its beautiful though and cant wait to see the Beacon Hill and others coming up :-) Kate xx

MiniMadWoman said...

Tracy, I think you should do what you normally do! The house looks fantastic as is, but I always think more is . . . well, more! LOL!!

I think a bunny rabbit and a bird or two would add that extra special touch!

Love the house . . . it's incredible! Well done!


MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you all so much for replying!! I decided to get rid of the yellow rosebush and did a pale pink one and I had fun doing it this morning. I took pictures and it's in my next blog post! Teresa, I could not find the Bunnies :( I wanted them in there too LOL. Kate, I agree it was looking bare to me too but I just did not wanna over do it cause this house was really talking to my creativity! Kim, I'll post pictures soon of the Orchid. I am so in LOVE with that project!! Thanks so much Kayjay!! Your words encourage me to move ahead! ~ Tracy